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Indy Star: Hoosier Mothers Die During Delivery at The Same Rate as Women in Iraq

Image result for childbirth negligenceAccording to the Indianapolis Star today, “women in Iraq and the Gaza Strip have a better chance of surviving childbirth than women in the 33 Indiana counties where inpatient delivery service simply does not exist.”

There was a USA Today feature earlier this year which documents how mothers were dying due to preventable factors that could be easily identified and managed. Some of these hospitals were frequented by women belonging to lower socioeconomic groups or the African American community. While some of these demographics do tend to have higher rates of maternal obesity or other risk factors, not all fatal compilations can be easily explained away on the basis of race or socioeconomic status alone.

Indiana has a poor maternal health record, and our state ranks at No. 3 on the list of states with the highest maternal death rates. This is extremely alarming, and it is high time that Indiana hospitals worked harder to prevent these deaths.

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