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When something really matters, you can’t afford anything less than the best; that’s why if you’ve been in a car crash and become seriously disabled or suffered a catastrophic injury – or, worse, a loved one’s been killed in a case of wrongful death – you need to call Montross Miller LLP, the premier Auto Accident lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A law firm established in Indy in 1980, Montross Miller specializes in representing the interests of clients injured (or worse) by vehicle collisions in which another party can be shown to be negligent or to have acted with neglect. Moreover, Montross Miller is renowned among the legal community throughout the Midwest for our lawyers’ track record of successfully litigating the toughest, most intractable, complex, convoluted, complicated cases of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death due to Auto Accidents, whether they involve trucks, vans, semi-trucks, commercial vans, motorcycles, bicycles or just ordinary four-wheel cars.

A serious car accident is a life-changing event. When the incident occurred due to the fault of another party, that negligence needs to be legally answered for – and the proper recourse is to hire Indiana’s top team of lawyers for Auto Accident cases: Montross Miller, attorneys-at-law in Indianapolis.

The sheer volume of litigation experience on the Montross Miller roster is remarkable. W. Scott Montross, one of our law firm’s founding partners and a regular lecturer on trial attorney best practices, has been in practice as a trial attorney since 1971. Partner Michael S. Miller has been representing clients in civil litigations since 1974, and is a fellow of the invitation-only American College of Trial Lawyers. Indiana natives and Montross Miller attorneys Nathan M. Miller and Kerri E. Farmer have been in practice since 2002 and 2004, respectively. Belinda J. Kunczt began her career as a Montross Miller paralegal, going on to graduate from Indiana University School of Law and passing the bar in 2005, the same year Montross Miller attorney J. Brad Kallmyer, MD, added a law degree to his medical ones.

Throughout the Hoosier State, from East Chicago down to Evansville and all 92 Indiana counties in between, in cases of severe auto accidents caused by the negligent behavior of one or more parties and resulting in Catastrophic Personal Injury and/or Wrongful Death, Montross Miller is the law firm to call for Strength Today, Security Tomorrow™. Schedule your FREE initial consultation by calling 1-888-599-2640 or 317-574-4500 in the Indianapolis area, or type out the details of your case on our contact form at

A car wreck wrecks more than cars. When lives are turned upside down by an automobile accident caused by another person’s negligence or neglect on the road…when medical expenses and monthly unpaid bills mount due to lost wages and income…when quality of life is lessened, possibly forever, because of undue pain and anguish…the wise move is to speak with the Personal Catastrophic Injury, Wrongful Death and Auto Accident lawyer Indianapolis has relied on for over four decades: Montross Miller LLP.

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Auto Accident Lawyer Indianapolis

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