Bike Safety App Promises to Make Streets Safer

Posted in: Catastrophic Personal Injury | Feb 27,2020

A new bike safety app that encourages users to report traffic safety violations that endanger bicyclists aims to help authorities plan safety mechanisms to keep the streets safer for all.

The Our Streets app was developed by a team of cycling enthusiasts who were worried about the growing incidence of bicycle accidents, and the frequent traffic violations by motorists that contribute to reduced safety for bicyclists. The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. It allows users to report driver errors that make the streets unsafe for bicyclists. Rash behaviors like failing to look out for bicyclists or driving too close to bicyclists can be reported on the app. Users who see near- miss accidents can also report these by taking pictures of the incident and uploading it on the app.

The app will then create a report of these violations and near- miss incidents, and the report will be shared with relevant traffic planning authorities.  The app is not meant to be used as a policing mechanism by users. Rather, it is a way to collect information about frequent violations, so that this data can then be used for making the kind of safety improvements necessary to keep bicyclists safer.

Hoosiers love their bicycles.  The state of Indiana, and Indianapolis in particular, offers great opportunities for biking. However, bicyclists can be at risk from motorists who are negligent and reckless, endangering the safety of bicyclists. Driving too close to a bicyclist can alarm him, throwing him off balance and possibly off his bike with serious consequences. Opening a car door when you’re parked without bothering to look out for an approaching bicycle can also cause a bicyclist to ram into your open door, causing injuries to him. There are basic safety precautions that motorists can take to help make the streets safer for vulnerable users like bicyclists.