Brain Injuries More Common Than Believed

Posted in: Construction Accidents | Nov 05,2018

We typically think of college football players or athletes when we think of high rates of brain injury, but head injury rates are high even in the general population.

According to a new study, about 1 out of every 6 adults has suffered a head injury that has resulted in them losing consciousness for at least a few seconds.

The study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University shows that as many as 23 million people aged 40 and above have suffered a head injury. These head injuries can have possibly serious consequences, like neurological damage, depression and stroke. Persons with a head injury, according to the research, are also more likely to suffer from alcoholism and sleep problems.

According to the study, when adults above the age of 40 were asked whether they had ever been knocked out as the result of a head injury, as many as 16 percent answered in the affirmative.  Those rates were twice as high for men than women. This could be because men tend to be more involved in rough sports like football that have a higher risk of a head injury or are more likely to pursue careers that have a higher risk of a brain injury, like military service.

A person with a head injury was 54 percent likely to also suffer from a sleep disorder, and 68 percent likely to have suffered a stroke after the injury. They were twice as susceptible to alcoholism, and symptoms of depression.

The bottom line is that any head injury – even those that result in just a few seconds of lost consciousness – must be immediately referred to a doctor. Even head injuries that do not result in consciousness should be checked out by a doctor.  Concussions can cause concentration problems, memory problems and other consequences. Children who have suffered a head injury must be placed on a rest program until they have recovered completely, even if they do not seem to show any outward signs of a head injury.

Brian injuries can be not only traumatic but also expensive. An individual’s ability to work and earn at his earlier level may be impeded after an injury. It is important to account for all your damages in a claim for compensation after the injury.

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