For Brain Injury Patients, Obesity Poses Serious Health Challenges

Posted in: Serious Personal Injury | Oct 03,2018

Patients, who have suffered a brain injury and also struggle with obesity, may find their health problems complicated by medical issues linked to excessive weight.

In the days after a brain injury, there may be moderate to significant weight loss due to a number of factors, including changes in the metabolic rate. However, after a period of time, weight gain may occur due to medication for the injury, and other reasons. Patients may suffer from physical limitations as a result of their injury and may be unable to enjoy the kind of exercise and physical activity that is required for optimum health. They may also lack access to easy transportation as a result of their injury, and this can further impede their ability to enjoy physical activities.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham, Alabama were looking at how obesity after a brain injury can compound health risks for these patients. They studied a group of more than 7000 subjects who had suffered a traumatic brain injury and had undergone therapy. They found that after a period of time, 23 percent of these subjects were classified as obese, while 36 percent were classified as overweight.  While patients who, in the initial stages, were classified as overweight were able to maintain their weight, those who were classified as obese continued to gain weight even years after the injury. For these persons, obesity was linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure and overall, poor health.

The study confirms that excessive weight gain can lead to increased and additional health problems for those already struggling with the limitations imposed by a brain injury.

traumatic brain injury can mean serious expenses down the road that include medical care and hospitalizations, therapies, medication, and assisted aids and devices to enhance mobility. If your loved one has suffered a brain injury, call an Indianapolis brain injury lawyer at Montross Miller and discuss your legal options for a claim.