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People operating boats and other watercraft of any kind often do so much closer to each other than drivers of motor vehicles do – and without any particular lanes or areas of travel. While aircraft operate at different altitudes depending upon the direction they are traveling to avoid collisions, there are no such controls in the water. In addition, the fact you have operated a car does not prepare you for operating a boat or other watercraft. Nevertheless, year after year after year people operate watercraft recklessly as well as using poor judgment when pulling water skiers or people on inner tubes. They will use over-powered boats, and tow ropes which are not strong enough either for the boats, skiers or tubers. Tragically, the potential for drowning or being maimed by propellers is high, and the losses are often catastrophic. We are very familiar with these serious personal injury cases and know exactly how to proceed to hold people who cause these accidents responsible for their actions. In addition, evaluating the loss and presenting it to an insurance company that knows we are experienced and willing to take the case to a jury trial, puts us in the best position to resolve the case without a trial and help our clients move ahead with their lives.


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Nate consulted with medical experts, dug in and proceeded with the civil suit. I remember him telling me several times that [my wife’s] story was compelling and was deserving of his team’s full commitment and skill. We eventually settled before trial and were thrilled with the results, we felt justice prevailed. Nate was patient, thorough and a trusted advisor to us through this.


He went to bat for us with health care providers and workman’s comp people. He fights for what is right. He really cared about what happened to my husband. Now, he will be taken care of for the rest of his life.


Scott did a truly amazing job for us. It was not just about the legal work; he was there for us every step of the way. From rehab, through settlement and even making sure appropriate financial arrangements were in place for the future. He went to bat for us with health care providers and workman’s comp people. He fights for what is right. He really cared about what happened to my husband.


Belinda was very responsive. I am very pleased. They are great at what they do.


Mike Miller and the firm were all excellent to work with and were extremely professional.


We worked with Brad Kallmyer who was phenomenal. He listened well and was very thorough and professional. I give all the credit to Brad. The staff was very kind, very understanding. They made my mom feel important. Brad’s integrity and the firm came through for us. They were great.


Words cannot express how tremendously grateful my husband and I are to Nate and his team during the most difficult times in our lives. He walked us through every step with the up most respect, never hesitating to answer any and all questions, or simply giving us a word of encouragement. It was a relief to know that he was always on our side, fighting for our case and believing that it was worth fighting for.