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Electrocution Accident Lawsuits


Electricity is a silent, invisible, and potentially deadly danger. As a result, the companies that produce electricity and maintain the infrastructure that transmits it throughout our communities are charged with satisfying a very high standard of care to the public. Electrocution accidents can burn, seriously injure, or kill innocent victims, calling for a comprehensive and detailed investigation into the causes and liabilities. 


What are the primary causes of electrocution?

  • Contact with power lines or energized sources – One of the most common causes of electrocution accidents is direct contact with power lines or accidentally touching live equipment or other energized sources. Construction or utility workers often encounter overhead lines or other equipment when working at heights or digging without knowledge of underground infrastructure. 
  • Faulty wiring or electrical equipment – Issues with poorly maintained or outdated electrical systems can cause an electrocution hazard. Harmful accidents can occur due to faulty equipment, and damaged insulations, exposed wires, or defective appliances can increase the risk of electrocution. 
  • Inadequate grounding or lack of safety measures and training – Grounding is essential for ensuring excess electrical energy is safely discharged, and any individuals working around electricity should possess an acute awareness of electrical hazards. Comprehensive safety training should overview adequate grounding procedures, proper use of personal protective equipment, and established best practices for safely using tools or appliances.


Montross Miller knows where to look, with extensive experience obtaining critical evidence such as maintenance records and regulatory compliance measures in complex personal injury cases. We also work closely with clients’ doctors and trusted medical professional partners to understand the full scope of the damage and best present the facts to a jury or insurance review panel. While catastrophic physical injuries may be readily identifiable, far-reaching effects on brain and bodily functions cannot be overlooked. 


What types of injuries are caused by electrocution?

  • Electrical burns – Electric currents passing through a body can cause painful burning at the points of contact with an electrical source. The effects may range from minor surface burns to deep-tissue damage depending on the intensity of the electrical current and the duration of direct exposure.
  • Cardiac conditions – A strong electric current can disrupt the normal electrical signals of the human heart, potentially causing irregular heart rhythms, cardiac arrest, or other serious cardiac-related conditions. These injuries may be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention. 
  • Musculoskeletal or other internal injuries – An electric shock can cause uncontrolled, involuntary muscle contractions, causing an individual to be thrown or fall and leading to fractures, sprains, or other internal injuries that may not be immediately apparent. 
  • Neurological or psychological effects – Electric shocks can affect the nervous system and lead to a range of neurological problems, such as peripheral nerve damage, numbness, tingling sensations, spinal cord issues, traumatic brain injuries, or even paralysis. Electrocution accidents can also leave psychological consequences, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or depression.


If you or a loved one has experienced an electrocution accident, and you have questions for an experienced team of negligence and personal injury attorneys familiar with complex cases, contact Montross Miller today.


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