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Speeding Accident Statistics in Indiana

Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Indiana. While the number of drunk driving accidents continues to remain consistent in Indiana, accidents caused by drivers who were driving too fast for the speed limit or existing weather and road conditions continues to remain high. In 2018, more than 19,000 accidents related […]

Indiana DNR Warns Boaters Against Speeding, Drinking while Boating

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife is warning Hoosiers about the dangers of negligent boating now that summer season has officially begun. The pandemic hasn’t prevented people from coming out of their homes, and enjoying themselves on the open waters. If anything, the number of Hoosiers who now want to look for […]

Why Indiana Needs Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws  

There is enough data to show that motorcycle helmet laws save lives. More motorcyclist lives could be saved in accidents in Indiana every year, if the state implemented such laws. The current laws in Indiana do not require all motorcyclists to wear a helmet while riding. Only riders below the age of 18 are required […]

Psychiatric Diagnosis May Increase Your Risk of Suffering a Medical Error

Thousands of patients suffer serious medical harm every year as a result of an error in their diagnosis, treatment, and care. However, a person who has been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition, may be at a much higher risk of suffering a medical error. According to the results of a recent study conducted in Sweden, […]

Pedestrian Safety Webinar Focuses on Prevention Strategies

Federal and state transportation officials are joining hands to brainstorm pedestrian safety strategies through a series of virtual webinars. The first of the virtual webinars was hosted recently, and transportation officials came together to understand some of the most common issues facing pedestrians in 2020.  There is no doubt that there is an absolute need […]

Nurse-Friendly Injection Guidelines can Help Reduce Errors

New research at the University of Bath seems to indicate that injection guidelines that are developed and written from the point of view of nurses can help reduce the risk of medication errors made by these medical professionals. The findings of the study are being described as “pathbreaking,” by researchers who believe that nursing errors […]

Safety Tips when You’re Driving a Small Car

Despite various advancements in auto safety, the fact is that small cars continue to be dangerous for motorists and passengers. However, there is much that you can do as the owner of a small car to reduce your risk of injuries in an accident. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety recently released the results of […]

Indiana Distracted Driving Law Goes Into Effect

A new law in Indiana that prohibits motorists from using a hand- held cell phone while driving goes into effect on July 1. Traffic safety advocates hope that the new law will help reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted driving on Indianapolis streets every year. The law prohibits drivers from using a hand- […]

Surgical Errors Second Most Common Cause of Medical Malpractice Claims     

According to a report by medical insurer Coverys, surgical errors are the second most common basis for medical malpractice claims in the United States. Coverys recently published the findings of a study into the role of surgical errors in medical malpractice liability claims. The researchers found that out of the 10,000 cases they studied, 25% […]

When Patients Catch Radiology Errors

Radiology errors occur far more often than people believe, and very often, it is the patients who catch these errors on their doctor’s notes and other documentation. In fact, as many as one in 5 patients admit they have caught a radiology error on their doctor’s report. Those findings come from a study conducted by […]