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Orthopaedic Surgeons Report Higher Levels of Stress, Burnout Symptoms

Orthopaedic specialists are more likely than other doctors to report higher than typical levels of burnout or stress. Much of this stress has to do with their use of Electronic Health Records. The study focused on doctors who use Electronic Health Record systems. These systems have been adopted by 96 percent of American health care […]

NHTSA Expands Airbag Recall to Cover More than 12.5 Million Units

Federal agencies are expanding recalls of faulty airbags to cover more units and automakers, after reports of at least 5 fatalities linked to malfunctioning airbags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expanding its probe into faulty airbags, its most exhaustive recall since the recall of the Takata airbags that were linked to multiple airbag–related […]

Ventilation Systems Might Help Reduce Airborne Hospital Infections

Hospital–acquired infections are deadly, and can drastically impact the duration of the patient’s hospitalization as well as his outcome.  Researchers experimenting with modified ventilation systems believe that these systems could help reduce the risk of contracting airborne infections in a hospital. Hospital-acquired infections are much more common than you may think. These are infections that […]

Senate Panel to Review Aviation Safety Whistleblower Claims

A senate panel is set to review claims that federal aviation safety inspectors, including those who were in charge of evaluating and certifying the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, were not properly trained. The Senate Commerce Committee is investigating claims that there were serious training and certification concerns at the Federal Aviation Administration. These claims were […]

Distracted Driving in Work Zones

Thousands of construction workers are hard at work, right at this very minute across Indiana, toiling in harsh conditions to keep our roads and highways safe for us. However, they may themselves be at risk from rash and distracted drivers. Studies indicate that the number of motorists, who think nothing of zipping though construction work […]

Northern, South Western Indiana Have Highest Rates of Drunk Driving Accidents

The northern and south western parts of Indiana, including LaPorte and LaGrange counties have some of the highest rates of drunk drivers involved in accidents. According to statistics for 2017, the median county rate of drunk drivers involved in fatal collisions was 9.4 for every 10,000 licensed drivers. LaGrange County had a median rate of […]

Stats Provide Grim Picture of Motorcyclist Safety in Indiana

Data for 2017 paints a somber picture of the motorcyclist safety situation in Indiana. According to the Indian University Public Policy Institute, in 2017, there were 147 fatalities in motorcycle accidents in Indiana. This was a staggering 47 percent increase over 2016. It was also the highest jump on record since 2012, when there was […]

‘Change Your Mind’ Awareness Campaign on Brain Injury

Every March, the Brain Injury Association of America commemorates Brain Injury Awareness Month through campaigns that aim to increase awareness about the injury in the country. From 2018 through 2020, the campaign is called “Change your Mind,” and it aims to foster awareness about this debilitating injury, and the effects it can have on patients. […]

Anti-Distracted Driving Legislation Helps Save Motorcyclist Lives, Too

It’s not only motorists who benefit when states pass legislation designed to prevent motorists from using cell phones while driving.  Studies show that these laws also result in a reduction in the number of motorcyclist fatalities. The results of a recent study published in the journal Social Science and Medicine found that in states that […]

Pedestrian Accident Deaths Touch 30-Year High

According to alarming data from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, projected pedestrian accident fatalities for 2018 are set to break a 30-year record. The report estimates 6,227 deaths in pedestrian accidents across the country in 2018. These are not final estimates by any means, and take into account only the first six months of the […]