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Evansville Truck Accident Lawyers

Indiana’s third-largest city, Evansville is home to over 117,000 residents. Nestled in a bend of the Ohio River, this bustling town is often referred to as River City. With its casino activity, two universities and thriving manufacturing core, Evansville is an economic stabilizer for the region.

Established in 1812, Evansville continues to grow and prosper. The city was named an “All-American City in 2004 and the 11th best city in which “to live, work, and play” in 2009. This town remains an Indiana power-house. As a resident of the area, you are aware that the city boasts a low cost of living and high quality of life. The city offers many cultural events, seasonal festivals, museums, parks and zoos, making it an attractive place to live.

With its many civic offerings and increasing business growth, the Evansville area is seeing more highway traffic than ever before. Whether you are traveling down Highway 64, across I-164 or downtown on State Highway 41, the increased traffic is obvious to all. Evansville drivers are finding more cars and big trucks clogging the roadways. In fact, from Lloyd Expressway to St. Joseph Avenue, Evansville streets and roads are experiencing more traffic than ever before.

Thankfully, with the many new safety features of modern cars, Indiana highway deaths and related injuries are on the decline. However, the personal injury attorneys at Montross Miller know that the decrease of highway fatalities and injuries does not diminish the pain and suffering experienced when you or a loved one is hurt in a car or truck accident.

Of the hundreds of thousands of accidents occur on Indiana roads every year, close to 1000 people die. Many of these deaths are as a result of truck accidents. The Evansville truck accident attorneys of Montross Miller have a respected reputation for holding truck drivers accountable for the injuries they cause. Our firm is committed to pursuing the full compensation expected when a truck driver has hurt you or taken the life of a loved one.

If you experience a serious injury as a result of a careless or distracted truck driver, our attorneys will be there to offer the legal advice you need to make high-quality decisions about your future.

The Evansville accident lawyers at our firm have a wealth of knowledge gained from years of representing car and truck accident victims. We are ready to put that experience to work for you. Our firm advocates for motor vehicle and truck accident victims from all around the state and right here in Evansville. If you’ve suffered severe injuries, we work to win the compensation you deserve to ensure your medical and financial obligations are covered, now and in the future.

If you’ve been hurt in a car, truck, or motorcycle vehicle crash, call the Evansville personal injury lawyers at Montross Miller. We will build a convincing case designed to recover the maximum compensation for you and your family. Often, our negotiation skill enables us to resolve cases without going into court. But, if your case does go to trial, our trial experience will serve you well.

Call our firm or complete the email contact and ask for a free, confidential consultation. We will investigate your claim and the legal options available.