Hearing Loss and Accident Risks in Seniors

Posted in: Serious Personal Injury | Jul 23,2018

Hearing trouble can mean not just difficulty hearing things properly, but also an increased risk of accidents caused because you’re unable to hear auditory accident cues.

Many seniors suffer from hearing loss as they get older. For many of these persons, hearing loss may be a natural part of aging and may lead to social difficulties and inconvenience, and not much more. However, according to the results of a new study, hearing loss can actually be dangerous because it can impact a senior citizen’s ability to drive safely.

According to the researchers, hearing is a key sense that can help alert an individual to potential dangers in his environment. On a busy road, that could mean an oncoming car that can be heard but may not be seen in time. For a pedestrian, it could mean being alerted to the sound of an approaching vehicle.  When hearing isn’t fine-tuned and sharp, injury risks increase.

The researchers report a very strong relationship between hearing failure and accidental injury. The study was based on data taken from the US National Health Interview Survey. In the survey, approximately 6.6 million respondents reported suffering an injury in the previous three months, and out of these, one in six people reported hearing trouble. In fact, according to the results of the study, people with hearing trouble were twice as likely to report an injury, compared to those who had no hearing problems.

Senior citizens must take the accident and injury implications of hearing failure especially seriously. This is a category of motorists that is likely to increase in numbers over the next few years, as life expectancies increase and medical advancements allow senior Americans to live longer lives. A senior may fail to hear the honk of a car, or may fail to hear a warning in time.

If you are a senior who has recently begun to notice hearing problems, consult a doctor. Hearing aids can definitely help.

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