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What’s made Montross Miller LLP the most trusted in Indiana as an auto accident attorney? A long list of qualifications and qualities held by our esteemed staff of eminent lawyers, of course – but more specifically, it’s how they handle every single case of catastrophic injury or wrongful death due to an accident involving a car, truck, commercial semi-truck, or motorcycle.

So, how do we take the best possible care of our injured or wrongfully harmed clients and represent their interests to the utmost in front of opposing insurance companies – or in court before an Indiana jury? By really digging into the facts of each case, conducting indefatigable research, surrounding ourselves with the best available local expertise to determine exactly what happened in the car crash, whether alcohol impairment or faulty equipment played a role, where another party’s negligence can be demonstrated – and, most importantly, how you and your family can be justly compensated for losses incurred therefrom. It’s part of why we say our lawyers provide Strength Today, Security Tomorrow™, as we have since 1980.

For over four decades, our Indiana auto accident attorneys have litigated many automobile accident cases referred to our Indianapolis IN law offices by fellow attorneys across the Hoosier State and the Great Midwest, thanks to our reputation for successfully litigating the hardest, most difficult, most complicated legal cases involving injuries and deaths due to highway accidents. The more complex the car accident case, the better suited the auto accident lawyers of Montross Miller LLP are for it.

Negligence can be tough to prove. That’s exactly why deep-dive research and expert testimony is so vital to a car accident case resulting in serious, catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death on Indiana’s roads. Safety comes first always, of course, but in the aftermath of costly tragedy, justice and fair compensation are the sole priorities.

The Indiana auto accident attorneys of Montross Miller do that research, consult with those experts, and take the time to dig deep in order to bring out and present the best fact-based winning argument that grants our clients the maximum in appropriate restitution, remunerating our clients for their lost wages, lost property, medical and funeral expenses, and pain and anguish.

Accidents happen, and vehicle accidents happen far too often. If you, a family member or a friend are ever seriously hurt in an accident on Indiana’s roadways – whether the collision involved a semi-truck, 18-wheeler tractor trailer, commercial van, taxi cab, car, truck or motorcycle – and someone’s negligence caused the horrible incident, the smart course of action is to call 317-574-4500 or 888-599-2640 to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

No matter how complex, convoluted or complicated, the law offices of Montross Miller LLP in Indianapolis IN are the best lawyers to make things right. Discuss your case of injury or death by car crash as a result of someone else’s negligence or fault with the best Indiana auto accident attorney.

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