Indiana Distracted Driving Law Goes Into Effect

Posted in: Serious Personal Injury | Jun 29,2020

A new law in Indiana that prohibits motorists from using a hand- held cell phone while driving goes into effect on July 1. Traffic safety advocates hope that the new law will help reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted driving on Indianapolis streets every year.

The law prohibits drivers from using a hand- held cell phone while driving.  Motorists are prohibited from using a hand- held cell phone to have a conversation while driving, or to type text messages or to type emails while at the steering wheel. However, you are permitted to use a hands-free set.

The definition of a hands- free set could vary.  You could be using a speakerphone, and that would be perfectly legal. You can also use -voice activated technology to deliver commands to your smartphone. Bluetooth technology is also permissible. The only time you are permitted to hold your phone while driving is to call 911.

Electronic signs warning drivers about the new law have already gone up. However, it is very likely that many Hoosiers are still unaware of the new law and the seriousness with which the state plans to enforce it. Law enforcement officers have already been told to pull over motorists who they believe are using a hand -held cell phone while driving. Law enforcement officers will be looking out for certain common behaviors exhibited by motorists using a hand- held cell phone while driving.  These behaviors include weaving between lanes, erratic driving and other types of driving behavior that are characteristic of distracted driving.  The maximum fine for a driver violating the new law is $500.

This law has been a long time coming, and Indiana car accident lawyers hope that the law will go a long way in encouraging motorists to be responsible while driving and avoid the use of hand- held gadgets at the wheel.