Indiana DNR Warns Boaters Against Speeding, Drinking while Boating

Posted in: Serious Personal Injury | Aug 30,2020

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife is warning Hoosiers about the dangers of negligent boating now that summer season has officially begun.

The pandemic hasn’t prevented people from coming out of their homes, and enjoying themselves on the open waters. If anything, the number of Hoosiers who now want to look for more opportunities for recreation after months of shelter-in-place restrictions, is higher than ever.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife is cracking down on boaters who flout safety violations. According to Indiana laws, personal protection equipment is a must for every single person on a boat. These are the kind of violations that law enforcement officers often find. Another frequent violation is drinking while boating. Alcohol is a significant contributor to boating accidents across Indiana every year. The effects of alcohol are magnified during summer, and can contribute to a loss of judgment, and possibly a serious boat accident.

Summer is a great time for boating, but it is also important for you to make sure that you and everyone else on your boat is safe on the water. Remember that you will be sharing the water with other boaters, who may be speeding or boating under the influence. Avoid drinking while on the water. The person operating the boat must be absolutely sober.

Make sure that each and every single person on your boat is wearing a personal flotation device or life jacket. All passengers and crew members must be wearing personal protection devices throughout their trip on the boat. A personal flotation device is not something you put on during an emergency. It is something that every passenger must be equipped with, as long as he is on the boat and on the water. As the operator of the boat, it is your responsibility to make sure that all passengers are wearing personal flotation devices.

Avoid rash boating practices like speeding.  When you are speeding, it is much more likely that you will lose control of the boat, leading to capsizing, crashes and other disasters. Make sure that you are updated with the weather reports of the area where you are boating, before you set off on your trip.