Northern, South Western Indiana Have Highest Rates of Drunk Driving Accidents

Posted in: Catastrophic Personal Injury | Apr 03,2019

Image result for alcohol negligenceThe northern and south western parts of Indiana, including LaPorte and LaGrange counties have some of the highest rates of drunk drivers involved in accidents.

According to statistics for 2017, the median county rate of drunk drivers involved in fatal collisions was 9.4 for every 10,000 licensed drivers. LaGrange County had a median rate of 18.7 drunk drivers per 10,000 licensed drivers and LaPorte had a mean rate of 18.3 drunk drivers for every 10,000 motorists.

Martin County, Switzerland County and Pulaski counties had some of the lowest mean rate of drunken motorists in fatal collisions. Martin County had a rate of 2.7 while Switzerland had a rate of 2.9. Pulaski County had a mean rate of 3.2

That data comes from Indian government sources, and also finds that most fatal drunk driving accidents in Indiana occurred between midnight and 4 am in 2017. Male motorists are much more likely to be involved in drunk driving, causing serious accidents. As many as 74 percent of drivers involved in fatal drunk driving accidents in 2017 were males.

Overall, in 2017, there were a total of 99 fatalities in accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. This was approximately 11 percent of all traffic deaths in Indiana in 2017. Riding in a car operated by an impaired driver is also extremely dangerous, the date shows.  In 2017, passengers in cars driven by a drunken motorist were 7 more times likely to die in accidents, compared to passengers in cars not operated by a drunk driver.

There are lessons to learn from these statistics. Even though the number of fatal accidents linked to drunk drivers has been increasing year by year – thanks in no small part to increased enforcement of the laws as well as awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence – drunk driving is still a serious threat. When you drive under the influence of alcohol, you significantly increase the risk of being injured or injuring other motorists in a drunk driving accident. Call an Uber or ask a friend to drive you home – the alternative is extremely dangerous.

Don’t ride in a car operated by a drunk friend. If your friend has had too many drinks and seems slow or unsteady on his feet, don’t allow him to get behind the wheel of a car.

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