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Generally, when people think about what Medical Malpractice is, the first thing they tend to think of is a surgeon making a surgical error, a pharmacist administering the wrong medication or dosage, or a doctor letting a patient come to injury or harm due to improper or sub-standard care – but what isn’t often thought of are those instances of Indiana hospital malpractice for which the Hoosier State’s top Med Mal attorneys – the lawyers of Montross Miller LLP – should be called in.

Hospital malpractice is a category of medical malpractice in which a hospital – i.e., the corporate or public entity responsible for the hospital – may be litigated as liable for injury or harm caused to a patient in its care due to negligent acts or inactions by one or more of the hospital’s employees, such as a nurse, orderly, technician, or those doctors and medical specialists directly employed by said hospital. In some cases, a hospital may be held accountable for harm to a patient caused by a non-employee doctor known to be incompetent or incapacitated.

A hospital’s liability for erroneous actions or negligence committed by its employees (and, sometimes, independent contractor doctors) is covered by a legal concept called respondeat superior – that is, any employing entity may be held legally liable for negligent acts by employees or agents when said negligence occurs within the scope of employment. Application of this principle varies by state, so in Indiana the smart call is to the Indianapolis law offices of Montross Miller at 888-599-2640 or 317-574-4500 to request your FREE consultation about a potential claim of hospital malpractice.

As an Indiana medical malpractice law firm featuring a powerful team of highly decorated, eminently qualified and vastly experienced native Hoosier lawyers, Montross Miller is dedicated to helping people injured or harmed by the negligence of healthcare providers, including hospitals. To suffer pain and anguish, not to mention damages and loss, directly due to malpractice by a hospital in Indiana is a misfortune that requires a strong legal remedy – and that’s Montross Miller’s strength.

Our firm is renowned among Indiana’s medical malpractice attorney community for parsing the most complex, complicated med-mal claims in order to present the best, most straightforward and legalistically unassailable case to review boards, insurance companies, and trial juries. It’s how Montross Miller has been successful representing the interests of injured clients since 1980.

Montross Miller’s proclivity for handling complexity especially comes to the fore in demonstrating the legitimacy of a client’s allegations of hospital malpractice in Indiana. Acquiring the paperwork, records and other materials necessary to demonstrate that a hospital employee acted negligently in such a way to cause harm or injury to a patient, and did so while working in the capacity of that employment, can be an arduous legal task. But completing that task has been the mission of Montross Miller for more than four decades.

Your best recourse for fair compensation after suffering injuries caused by hospital malpractice is to team up with Indiana’s top attorneys for claims of medical negligence: Montross Miller LLP.

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