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If you’re a motorcyclist in Indiana and some cases in a four-wheeler causes a serious accident that leaves you with a catastrophic injury, you will need the best in medical care and the top Motorcycle Accident lawyers in the Hoosier State. Anyone injured while riding a motorcycle on Indiana’s roads should request a FREE consultation and case review with the law firm of Montross Miller LLP.

Call us at 317-574-4500 in the Indianapolis, IN, metropolitan area, or at 1-888-599-2640 up and down throughout Indiana. Our finely honed process is designed to discover every relevant detail and distill that information into a cogent, compelling, factual argument that conclusively shows (to insurance companies and to juries alike) the negligence on the fault of another party, and that said negligence resulted directly in your injuries. At every turn of the procedure of pursuing and potentially litigating your case, your motorcycle accident lawyer at Montross Miller LLP is singularly focused on ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of accident victims by dint of a successful compensatory verdict.

In order to receive the maximum appropriate amount of compensation for your motorcycle injuries caused by another party’s negligence, put the Midwest’s premier accident attorney on your team and get Strength Today, Security Tomorrow™.

Motorcycle riders are a rare breed. There is no greater feeling of freedom than cruising the open road on your hog, bagger or bobber. But be aware: As we mentioned on the Montross Miller blog in February 2019 at, while motorcycles make only about 0.7% of vehicle-miles traveled on America’s roads, motorcycle operators comprise 13% of highway fatalities nationwide. That means motorcycle accidents are significantly more deadly than the average car crash.

As Indiana’s trusted Motorcycle Accident Lawyer since 1980, the attorneys of Montross Miller LLP in Indianapolis have a long history of protecting the rights of law-abiding motorcyclists. Our law firm earns its reputation in every legal case as thorough case researchers and passionate client representatives, resulting in compelling arguments made to insurance companies out of court, and (if litigating the claim goes to trial) juries in court.

At the Indianapolis law offices of Montross Miller LLP, each accident attorney works in a team to combine our redoubtable resourcefulness with our immense legal know-how to gather all the most germane records, information, even expert testimony pertinent to your case. At all times, the goal of Montross Miller’s experienced Motorcycle Accident attorneys is to present a preponderance of evidence that strengthens our injured client’s case for a claim of negligence.

How We Make Your Motorcycle Accident Case The Strongest It Can Be

Although unfortunately motorcycle accidents occur all too frequently on the highways and roadways of Indiana, each particular incident presents a wholly unique set of circumstances unto itself. What sets Montross Miller LLP apart as Indiana’s top Motorcycle Accident Lawyers is how we demonstrate unequivocally – whether arguing with an opposing insurance company, or convincing a courtroom jury – how the negligence of another party directly caused your injuries. Furthermore, every Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer of Montross Miller LLP can show the insurance company or the court exactly how your injuries have led to real, calculable, harmful damages, including financial losses, medical expenses, permanently lost wages, significantly reduced income, mental anguish, and material property damage.

To strengthen your case before it proceeds to the hearing phase or trial litigation, your Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney of Montross Miller LLP will reach out to a myriad of local experts who can testify as to the factual nature of our arguments. For example, we may bring in an Indiana highway engineer to examine the driveability and possible dangers of the stretch of road where the crash happened. We might retain the expertise of a local motorcycle mechanic to attest to the road-worthy condition of your two-wheeler. We could ask questions of the most appropriate medical professionals to assess the exact nature and severity of the injuries you incurred in the vehicular collision.

Thorough, exhaustive, individualized research on each and every case is how we consistently arrive at the most fair compensation to protect the rights of our Indianapolis motorcycle-riding clients seriously hurt by the neglectful actions or inactions of another party.

One single awful moment can alter your life forever. If ever you suffer personal injury while riding a motorcycle in a collision caused by someone else’s recklessness or negligence, the journey to justice begins by calling Montross Miller LLP at 317-574-4500 in Indianapolis or at 1-888-599-2640 around Indiana and beyond. We’re proud to be the law firm other law firms trust for handling the most complex Accident Injury cases because of our vast experience, our first-hand knowledge, and the volumes of research we accumulate to strengthen each claim.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is fun – and dangerous. There’s nothing like cruising the open road, speeding along a satisfying long strip of smooth asphalt, the wind drowning out any other sound for miles. It’s a distinct, unmatched pleasure. But if you ever get thrown off that hog, it really might be the last thing you ever do. For safety’s sake, YOU as the motorcyclist are your own best protection against horrific injuries from a motorcycle crash.

Always be on the lookout for hazards and obstacles, respect other drivers’ space and know the rules of the road for motorcycles in Indiana. For example, it is illegal in the state of Indiana for a motorcycle operator to perform a lane-splitting maneuver (also known as stripe-riding or white-lining). According to Indiana traffic law, a driver is entitled to the full unfettered use of the entire width of the lane they’re occupying for travel. The act of splitting the lane with a motorcycle – whether vehicular traffic is stopped or in motion – is an inherently reckless case in that it prevents others from moving freely within their lanes.

Not to mention that lane-splitting is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Indiana. Often, the motorcyclist is deemed at fault for a collision, even if they incurred injury, because they were riding in between the lanes.

But the most dangerous situation motorcyclists must face on Indiana’s roadways is the dreaded left turn. When cars make left turns, motorcycles get hit. Sometimes the motorcyclist is passing on the left when the left turn is made; sometimes the motorcyclist is crossing an intersection from the other direction when the car enters their path. Very often the driver of the car will be ruled at fault in such accidents, but the motorcycle operator is responsible for being in the proper lane and maintaining a safe speed. The liability of the other driver – and the amount of compensation to which you could be entitled – may be lessened if you were not operating the motorcycle with due safety.

Another safety concern for Indianapolis motorcycle riders is stationary road hazards. These could be found anywhere on the roads of Indiana, such as construction zones or interchanges, but the smart motorcyclist is always scanning ahead for potholes, speed bumps, slick pavement, uneven bridge portages, roadkill, debris, or items that fell off a truck. No matter how skilled a rider you are or how high-performance your motorcycle is, you don’t want to test that skill or performance by striking an object in your lane and careering off the road.

The Best Justification For Fair Compensation For Your Injuries

If you’ve suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident in Indiana and are bringing a liability case against the negligent party, you’re already fully aware that your pain and suffering is due to a multitude of sources.

There’s the psychological trauma of enduring a potentially life-threatening motorcycle collision, a haunting memory of a terrifying loss-of-control moment that may never completely leave your consciousness. As we have shown via statistics, motorcycle accidents are extraordinarily lethal to motorcyclists, so though you might survive a motorcycle crash, you would surely be stricken with the anguish of the memory.

There’s the physical damage of personal injury, such as broken bones, loss of limb, paralysis, head injury or brain injury, the effects of which could last for months, years, or even the rest of your natural life – the quality of which is substantively lower than had those severe injuries not occurred.

There’s the immediate incapacity to do your job, earn a living, and provide for and care for your family. To many people, especially in a salt-of-the-earth place like our home state of Indiana, their work gives them more than a livelihood and a means to put food on the table – to Hoosiers, a job helps give them purpose. Losing the ability to fulfill that purpose is a mental hardship (not to mention the untenable loss of wages).

There’s the ever-growing mountain of medical bills and other expenses that pile up when hospitals, doctors, rehab specialists, physical therapists and others start billing for services and asking for money – just at a juncture when money has never been more of a concern.

There’s survivor’s guilt in the event that a colleague, friend or family member were killed in the crash. The sudden, unexpected and violent loss of a loved one can be traumatic unto itself; such undue anguish must be accounted for.

Since 1980, the lawyers of Montross Miller LLP of Indianapolis, Indiana, have been recognized and trusted as Indy’s go-to law firm for handling the toughest, most complex cases of Indianapolis Motorcycle Accidents and making a winning argument to insurance companies or to courtroom juries on behalf of our injured clients. A major reason our attorneys are so respected among law firms in the Great Midwest is our compassion for what each client is going through and our understanding of how to make things right through the claims process – by defending our clients’ rights in Indiana courts with the most complete, comprehensive argument for fair and just compensation.

Showing Negligence Is the Key To Your Indiana Motorcycle Accident Case

What matters most is that our client receives the fairest verdict to remunerate them for all damages caused by the incident, itself the direct result of negligent action or inaction on the part of another party – such as another driver failing to pay attention, or the construction company responsible for sub-standard road conditions.

However, there will be no remuneration until and unless the attorneys of Montross Miller LLP can demonstrate through facts and testimony that there was indeed negligence that precipitated the injury-causing incident, and that said negligence must be paid for.

So what goes into a claim of negligence or neglectful behavior in an Indiana motorcycle accident case? There are certain components that have to be satisfied. First, we must show that there were laws that should have been followed but were not; second, we must precisely lay out the negligence, whether an action or an inaction; third, we connect the dots as to how that negligence caused the accident (and therefore your injuries); finally, we produce evidence for our claim that you’ve suffered losses and damages as a direct consequence of the accident.

Each of these aspects of negligence carries a certain burden of proof. In each case, the experienced Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Attorneys of Montross Miller LLP work diligently to collect witness testimony, expert testimony, medical reports, police reports, engineering records, and all salient information about the incident and its causes.

It’s much like piecing together a puzzle. Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers put all the pieces in the most coherent order so that we can explain to the insurance company or to the jury exactly what occurred, why negligence was the reason for the occurrence, and what amount of money in court-awarded or arbitration-awarded compensation will appropriately redress all undue damages incurred to our client.

Let’s Talk About Your Motorcycle Accident Case

If you ride a motorcycle in the city of Indianapolis or elsewhere in the state of Indiana, and you suffer severe injuries caused by the negligence of another driver or the poor condition of the road, it’s in the best interests of protecting your rights to talk with the most knowledgeable Accident Lawyer in the Hoosier State: Montross Miller LLP. Contact us at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 to discuss your case evaluation and injury claim with an initial FREE consultation. Together we will work to provide you with Strength Today and Security Tomorrow™.

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