Indiana Passes School Bus Safety Law

Posted in: Catastrophic Personal Injury | Jun 15,2019

Image result for bus stop lawsA bill that would toughen penalties for drivers who ignore school bus safety rules was signed into law by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb last month.

The bill is named for the children of the Ingle family who lost their 9-year-old daughter and six-year-old twins when a pickup driver struck them as they were crossing the road to get on their school bus. The bus had been stopped waiting for them to get on.

After the tragic crash, the Ingles poured their grief and energy into fighting for stronger protections for school children riding school buses. They pushed for the law that strengthens penalties for drivers violating school bus safety rules, among a host of other provisions.

Tougher penalties will now be imposed on drivers who ignore a school bus arm that is extended. Besides, buses are required to use flashing lights when children alight or get on the buses. The law also requires buses to have more warning gear, like daytime lights and reflective tapes to warn drivers of the vehicle’s presence.  The law also requires school districts to place bus stops away from areas where children might be required to cross US or state routes.

Indiana motorists will be asked questions about the new school safety laws at the time of obtaining their learner permits or licenses.  The Indian Department of Education will also publish guidelines that will advise schools about the new steps that they will have to take to comply with the law.

All of these are excellent provisions, and signify a comprehensive approach to solving many of the problems involving school bus far safety in and around Indianapolis. The accident involving the Ingle children occurred only in October 2018, and the fact that the bill has been signed into law so quickly is a testament to the will power and determination of the Ingles and the promoters of the bill, as well as the dedication of lawmakers.

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