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As Indiana’s premier Pedestrian Accident lawyer, we know the awful statistics behind pedestrian fatalities and injuries in collisions with cars and motorcycles – and we see the painful stories of the lives impacted by the catastrophic injury or sudden death of a loved one…when they were only walking.

Pedestrians are involved in accidents in crosswalks, intersections, parking lots, literally anyplace used by both automobiles and people. Sadly, these figures are rapidly rising in Indiana. Just look at the nationwide stats on which we reported in our May 2018 blogpost “Why Are More Pedestrians Dying In Accidents?” at, and another alarming report in our March 2019 blogpost “Pedestrian Accident Deaths Touch 30-Year High” at The increases in pedestrian accidents in Indiana and across the USA are worrisome, as they’re shockingly on the ascent both in urban areas like Indianapolis, with increasing density, and suburban regions, with fewer crossings and faster roads.

It’s always machine over man when a person gets hit by a car, SUV or truck – and the risk of pedestrian fatality goes up exponentially when speeds are higher and/or vehicles are heavier. In Indiana, the best Pedestrian Accident lawyer has since 1980 been Montross Miller LLP, attorneys-at-law with main offices in downtown Indianapolis – because we take on the most complicated cases with the most available expertise, research and legal acumen, providing Pedestrian Accident victims and their families with Strength Today and Security Tomorrow™.

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