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One thing we’ve learned in more than 40 years as premier Indiana personal injury lawyers is that there are nearly as many types of accidents or acts of negligence as there are ways to be injured. In no way whatsoever are we making light of the trauma, damage and loss of Personal Injury; exactly the contrary, in fact.

Because the lawyers of Montross Miller have dealt with cases of Personal Injury in Indiana since 1980, we have handled the full gamut of negligent accidents and malpractice, representing the best interests of our clients in front of insurance companies and trial juries in search of justice in court and fair compensation in settlement.

Claims of Personal Injury can result from automobile accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, alcohol-impaired/drunk-driving accidents, or accidents involving aviation, train transportation or commercial semi-trucks. Additionally, sometimes civil action is warranted to recoup the injured party’s losses incurred by serious mishaps in construction work zones, in properties with inadequate security measures, and by defective or faulty products. Furthermore, there may be cause to file a lawsuit seeking restitution for Personal Injury sustained by victims of medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, extended-care facility abuse or pharmacy error in medicine administration.

Not every instance of Personal Injury merits litigation; the first step in Montross Miller’s process is always to gather all the facts and determine whether legal action should proceed. Our Indianapolis-based law firm is preeminent in the legal field for the thoroughness of our investigatory research into every case.

Find out if you have a case worthy of Indiana’s hallowed courts. Call the Personal Injury lawyers at Montross Miller LLP at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 to assure yourself of Strength Today and Security Tomorrow™.

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Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

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