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After a catastrophe, you need compassionate care – familially, medically, and legally; that’s why providing genuine compassion along with unrivaled legal expertise has been the role of Indianapolis auto accident attorney Montross Miller LLP since 1980.

Every single one of the legal professionals here at the law firm of Montross Miller are trained in more than just the law. We also know people – in fact, fighting on behalf of people for justice and fair restitution is precisely why our firm exists – and we take pride in earning many glowing reviews and testimonials from past clients.

Our goal is to make things right for our clients, who’ve been severely injured or endured the loss of a loved one in a catastrophic auto accident.

One constant throughout our portfolio of client reviews is our lawyers’ talent for communication. That means much more than just explaining procedures and speaking legalese for the layperson. To communicate well means to listen carefully, paying attention to detail, and absorbing all facets of a case in order to dissect it completely, determine the sources of negligence, conduct exhaustive research so as to prove it, and present the argument convincingly to a jury or insurance company panel.

There’s more to excellent communication as a top law firm handling Personal Injury and Wrongful Death due to at-fault vehicle collisions. As experienced Indianapolis auto accident attorneys, Montross Miller offers clients encouragement as well as advice. Dealing with situations of loss and death are unfortunately part of the job for us, but we recognize that every case is a traumatic, life-altering event for each of our clients.

When you’re in a car that gets hit by a semi-truck, and you survive, you’re likely to suffer severe injuries to head and body that may dramatically reduce your ability to earn a living and significantly lower your quality of life from that moment on. Things like providing for your family, taking care of your daily needs, leading a fulfilling life become much more challenging – and the circumstances aren’t even your fault. It’s an extraordinarily difficult time.

The word “accident” is something of a misnomer; actually, they’re “incidents of negligence.” Someone was driving on an Indiana road while being ill-equipped, untrained, impaired, or insufficiently attentive to the task, and the result is someone else winds up losing property, limb, or life. The Indiana legal system offers recourse to persons injured or otherwise affected by such dangerous, negligent, neglectful acts: Civil litigation before an arbitrator or a jury. Making the most convincing argument possible, armed with all the research and expert testimony available, is what Montross Miller does best.

Montross Miller LLP is here to help. With more than 40 years as a law firm and over a century of combined experience among our esteemed, redoubtable staff of attorneys, Montross Miller works diligently to achieve justice under the law for every client. When you suffer due to injury or loved one’s death caused by negligent driving on Indiana’s roadways and highways, the smart call is to the acclaimed Indianapolis auto accident attorney, Montross Miller LLP, at 888-599-2640 or 317-574-4500 in Indy.

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