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When parents in Indianapolis need the best attorney at just the right time, they call on the local legal experts for Birth Injury cases: Montross Miller LLP. That’s because since 1980, the attorneys of our law firm have been specially trained to handle the most complex cases of Medical Malpractice you’ll find in Indiana courtrooms.

Injuries incurred during childbirth to mother or baby can be tragically life-altering for either or both. Whether the malpractice involved improper dosing of anesthesia, painkiller, or medicine, or an improper or inappropriate emergency treatment, or misread CT scans and x-rays, any form of negligence must be held accountable when the result is injury to the newborn or the new mom.

What makes our Indianapolis-based attorneys-at-law different from many Indiana law offices is the fact that we exhaustively research every detail of a Childbirth Medical Negligence Injury claim. Our array of resources allows us to retain superior knowledge from top experts in relevant fields, thereby letting us ascertain precisely what happened and what should have happened. It’s part of how we’ve earned a reputation as a top Birth Injury law firm in Indianapolis.

We believe that every child in Indiana deserves a chance to grow up to be the next great Hoosier – and that’s why we fight so hard on behalf of families who’ve been victim to Childbirth Injury: Through the law, we work to help that family receive appropriate compensation for the damages that were committed against them.

If your family has suffered the misfortune of being afflicted with a birth injury due to medical negligence or misdiagnosis, call Indianapolis’ premier Birth Injury attorneys, Montross Miller LLP, at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 for a FREE initial consultation and get Strength Today, Security Tomorrow.™

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