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For parents in Indianapolis, Indiana, dealing with the ramifications of Birth Injury to their little loved one, the best lawyers to contact are at Montross Miller LLP. Since 1980 we’ve been top attorneys-at-law in Indiana, handling tough, complex cases of Medical Malpractice & Hospital Negligence – including cases around the tragic circumstance of Childbirth Injury.

Childbirth is a dangerous time for both mother and baby. The Indianapolis birth injury lawyers at Montross Miller believe that both pre-natal and delivery care must always be professional and competent when administered by nurses, obstetricians or other doctors in the hospital’s maternity ward. Two lives count on those healthcare practitioners doing their jobs properly.

But in rare cases, those professionals may fail to monitor vital signs during labor, or administer an incorrect dose of medicine or sedative, or commit some other potentially injurious act of possible malpractice that directly causes harm to the mother or her newborn baby. When that happens, the affected family’s response must be a decisive call to Montross Miller LLP and our expert Indianapolis birth injury lawyers.

Compassion is the key. In Indiana courtrooms, Montross Miller has argued legal cases of Birth Injury due to Medical Malpractice for more than 40 years. To provide witness testimony we work with top experts in the medical, obstetric, gynecologic and pharmacological fields, and to provide the utmost in true representation our Indianapolis-based lawyers work closely and compassionately with families to get their Birth Injury claim resolved with maximum benefit under law, as per our motto: Strength Today; Security Tomorrow.™

If your family is suffering the painful effects of a childbirth injury as a result of medical negligence, please call the Indianapolis birth injury lawyers of Montross Miller LLP at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640

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