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As parents, it’s our nature to protect our children at virtually all costs, so that’s why it truly pays to hire Indianapolis’ top child-injury lawyer if ever one of our beloved offspring is injured by the negligence of another.

We are a family here at Montross Miller LLP, figuratively and literally, so we know the blessing of children – but through our work we also see the pain (figurative and literal) caused when a child is seriously injured or harmed in an accident, case of malpractice or neglectful act.

Severe injuries to kids is exceedingly rare – we all know that a bump or bruise now and then is probably not an altogether bad thing in the long run – but the law firm of Montross Miller in Indianapolis should be contacted when a child comes to harm or injury and the cause is a company’s or another person’s negligence. Our attorneys have specialized in litigating the most complex and difficult Accident & Injury cases in Indiana since 1980.

Childhood injuries may occur due to faulty or defective toys, electronics equipment, car seat harnesses, bike helmets or other commercial products. Unfortunately, we’ve seen instances of childbirth injury potentially as the result of obstetric medical malpractice, leading to cerebral or Erb’s palsy. If your child, despite being properly seated and belted in the car, is badly injured or sustains head or brain trauma in an automobile crash where another driver was ruled at fault, please make a call to Indy’s compassionate, experienced attorneys for Child Injury cases, Montross Miller LLP, at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640.

Our Indianapolis-based attorneys are renowned for using our talents, expertise, resources and vast experience to render Strength Today and Security Tomorrow™ for every client on every claim we litigate in Indiana courts – but never more than on when one of our lawyers takes on a case of Personal Injury to a child.

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Indianapolis Child Injury Lawyer

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