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A call to the law offices of Montross Miller LLP, top Indianapolis construction accident attorney since 1980, is an essential first step in seeking fair and just compensation for injuries due to another party’s negligence. When we refer to construction accidents, however, we are referring to auto accidents involving drivers, passengers, or workers, and occurring in construction zones on roadways and highways around Indianapolis and throughout Indiana – and it is in the litigation of these claims that Montross Miller’s lawyers have earned acclaim.

We invite you to read through our attorneys’ bona fides at and observe the remarkable breadth of their experiences, as well as the inherent usefulness of their expertise when put toward representing the victims of automobile accidents in Indiana’s road construction zones. If you or a family member are an injury victim of a construction-zone car accident caused by negligence, call the Montross Miller legal team for a FREE initial consultation regarding your potential claim. The smart thing is to start. Contact our Indianapolis law offices locally at 317-574-4500 and across Indiana and the Great Midwest at 888-599-2640.

Safety must come first. Car crashes in road construction zones are particularly dangerous because of the additional hazards involved, including and especially the presence of personnel. It is the legal responsibility of the private construction company, or of the public municipality overseeing construction, to safeguard the well-being of both travelers and workers within the construction zone. Failing this – such as with inadequate signage, improper detour design, poor roadway conditions or another instance of negligence that directly lead to the vehicular collision – means that the construction company may have been neglectful and therefore legally responsible for injuries or deaths due to car or truck accidents directly caused by that neglect.

However, as the premier Indianapolis construction accident attorney for more than 40 years, the law firm of Montross Miller understands implicitly the exceedingly complex nature of construction-zone car accident cases. Each incident carries with it its own multitude of specific circumstances, any of which may or may not be pertinent to showing negligence on the part of the construction company. It takes the experience, resources and know-how of Montross Miller’s construction accident attorneys to perform the diligent research that discerns the most salient facts about a case, then present them to the jury in the most convincing fashion in order to win fair compensation for our client.

Montross Miller LLP of Indianapolis, Indiana, represents clients who’ve suffered injuries or deaths in the family as a direct result of the negligence of road construction companies – including vehicle drivers and passengers seriously hurt or killed in construction-zone accidents, as well as the valiant laborers who literally put themselves in harm’s way to construct and maintain Indiana’s transportation infrastructure. For compassionate counsel from the first meeting until after the verdict is in, it makes good sense to work with Indianapolis’ most respected construction accident attorney.

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