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There are incidents that are acts of God and there are accidents that are the fault of negligence – and when the latter is the case, Montross Miller LLP is the Indianapolis, Indiana, personal injury attorney best suited for the case.

Legalistically speaking, the concept of Personal Injury is relatively broad – but nonetheless, proving an injury is the result of neglect, malpractice or negligent behavior requires the presentation of a preponderance of evidence. Discovering that evidence and presenting it in Indiana court in pursuit of satisfactory restitution for our client is what we’ve been known for since 1980.

We say that Personal Injury is a topic with relative breadth because our Indianapolis attorneys take a range of litigation-worthy Personal Injury cases arising from myriad circumstances: Medical Malpractice due to doctor error, medication dosage error or inadequate care by a hospital, nursing home or extended-care facility; Auto Accident in a wreck caused by another car or a commercial semi-truck; Personal Injuries sustained in a boat, train or airplane accident, or in a road collision while riding a bicycle or motorcycle; Personal Injuries due to defective products, workplace hazards or inadequate security.

One of the separating factors that puts Montross Miller LLP atop the list of most qualified, reputable Personal Injury attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana, is how we wholistically help our clients suffering the effects of catastrophic injuries. Whether the severe injury is due to car crash, construction zone accident, pharmaceutical mistake, slip-and-fall, accidental electrocution, dog bite, or a drunk driver’s hit-and-run, our attorneys demonstrate unparalleled commitment to helping our clients recover, both in and out of court.

Call the top Indianapolis, Indiana, personal injury attorney at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 and request your FREE initial consultation to discuss the facts of your potential Personal Injury civil action suit; the talented litigators of Montross Miller LLP offer the utmost in both compassion and legal representation in order to provide Strength Today and Security Tomorrow.™

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Indianapolis Indiana Personal Injury Attorney

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