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Injuries are a part of life – but so is the law, and in Indianapolis the best injury lawyer since 1980 has been Montross Miller LLP.

Accidents happen, we admit, and sometimes unfortunate injury can result – and once in a while an accident will cause a catastrophic injury involving hospital stays, specialized physicians and long-term extended care, maybe for the duration of the injured person’s lifetime. Whenever negligence, malpractice or carelessness leads to accidents and catastrophic injury in Indiana, our highly experienced Indianapolis-based Personal Injury attorneys are ready to discuss your case.

We handle a wide array of Personal Injury legal cases, including the typical Semi-Truck Accident and Car Accident cases, but also some of the Indiana legal system’s most legally complicated cases involving Bicycle Accidents, Boating Accidents and Construction Work Zone Accidents. We take cases of Personal Injury due to Inadequate Security, Nursing Home Neglect, Elder Care Abuse and Alcohol-Impaired Motoring. Montross Miller also handles cases of Train and Aviation Accidents, working with Indiana’s top experts to bring your best case to court. When a Catastrophic Accident Injury case is exceedingly complex, our Indianapolis injury attorneys often receive referrals from law firms to handle the complexity and earn the best possible outcome for the client.

Call our law offices at 317-574-4500 in Indianapolis or 1-888-599-2640 across Indiana for a FREE initial consultation. Accidents do happen – but if you believe negligence or malpractice was the cause of the damages your family has incurred, we can help determine if there’s merit for moving forward with Personal Injury litigation and attempt recovery of your losses.

While accidents do in fact happen, you have the power to do something about it when an accident happens to a loved one or to you. Consult with the Personal Injury lawyers of Montross Miller LLP of Indianapolis, Indiana: Strength Today; Security Tomorrow.™

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