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It’s true for practically any professional or intellectual endeavor, and it’s especially valid when looking for the right Indianapolis medical negligence attorney to handle a complex, complicated, difficult Medical Malpractice claim: The best process leads to the best results.

It’s our process – honed by our law office’s 40 years of institutional experience in Indianapolis IN, and expedited by our medical negligence attorneys’ considerable education and real-world court-trial expertise – that sets Montross Miller LLP, attorneys-at-law in Indiana since 1980, apart from other Med Mal law firms in Indy. Our clients are led with confidence by some of the Hoosier State’s most recognized legal experts. In fact, frequently the partner attorneys of Montross Miller instruct and advise law students and other lawyers on best practices when representing the interests of clients harmed by medical malpractice.

The best practices our Indianapolis medical negligence attorneys teach in classrooms and at symposia are the same principles we employ when pursuing cases of medical negligence due to sub-standard, injurious health care provided by a doctor, chiropractor, dentist, nursing home, emergency room/department, or hospital.

Montross Miller’s comprehensive step-by-step procedure for litigating your Medical Malpractice claim begins by calling our Indianapolis, Indiana, law offices. Call us at 317-574-4500 or toll-free 888-599-2640 for a FREE consultation, and the process is underway.

First, we collect all relevant information about the Medical Negligence claim, obtaining all available facts from our client. From that, our team of Med Mal attorneys will decide whether the case merits litigation – that is, is there a likelihood of Montross Miller winning the case with the information the client provided? If a case lacks sufficient merit to be Medical Malpractice in Indiana, the law firm of Montross Miller will assess accordingly. (Not all alleged instances of Medical Malpractice would be most effectively remedied via the legal system.)

When cases deserve to go forward as Medical Negligence, our attorneys schedule a direct meeting with the client to explore the claim’s details, obtain any necessary records-release authorizations, and explain the basics of the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act that governs all med-mal legal cases in IN. Then, after collecting medical records, Montross Miller LLP commissions one of Indiana’s top physicians to investigate the case, preparing recommendations on whether to pursue it based upon a professional reading of the case’s legitimate chances for being demonstrable.

At that juncture, Montross Miller advises the client about the physician’s opinion; the decision is then made between going forward with Medical Negligence litigation (which may or may never see the inside of the courtroom), or withdrawing the claim. If the client opts to go ahead, the Indiana medical negligence attorneys at Montross Miller LLP will commence the next phase of the process: Filing a proposed Medical Malpractice complaint with the Indiana Department of Insurance – whereupon the healthcare practitioner or provider in question is informed, and the two parties form a Medical Review Panel.

That panel is charged with studying the client’s medical malpractice allegation, asking questions of witnesses, and issuing an opinion. Montross Miller’s medical negligence attorneys may advise the client to accept the panel’s opinion – which can be persuasive to a jury – or to proceed with trial in search of a satisfactory settlement that fairly compensates for damages due to Medical Malpractice.

Our process is a big part of the Montross Miller difference. In Indianapolis and throughout Indiana, call our Medical Negligence attorneys at 888-599-2640 or 317-574-4500 to get the process going for you.

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