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As Indianapolis’ expert Semi-Truck Accident attorneys since 1980, we’ve seen again and again how lives can be changed forever, in a split-second – and not for the better. That’s what just one accident involving a Commercial Semi-Truck, or “big rig,” can do.

Imagine the impact of a speeding tractor-trailer smashing into any part of your vehicle. Imagine the sudden, uncontrollable jolt as your body – and the bodies of everyone in the car – is sent directly toward the point of impact. Imagine the immensely energetic force of the collision as the large truck shakes, tumbles, and rips open the car, resulting too often in the loss of property, health, and lives.

We hope you and your loved ones are never involved in any trucking accidents involving a commercial truck. But when neglectful truck drivers or negligent trucking companies cause crashes on the roads and highways around Indianapolis, victims need legal representation from the one Indianapolis truck accident attorney with the experience and knowledge to make things as right as possible. That’s what Montross Miller LLP is best at.

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In reality, the vast majority of commercial semi-truck drivers in Indiana are safe, trained, licensed operators employed by law-abiding logistics companies. But a fact that’s just as real is that Indianapolis truck accidents do happen, and if they involve commercial semi-trucks, those accidents can be catastrophic…or even deadly.

Since 1980, Montross Miller LLP has been a law firm committed to serving the best interests of victims of Truck Accidents in Fort Wayne, Evansville, Indianapolis and across Indiana, fighting for the greatest possible recovery from damages. Call our Indianapolis IN Truck Accident Lawyers at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 for a FREE consultation and let’s determine the next right step in pursuing your potential legal case.

Injured In a Truck Accident? Do You Have a Strong Case To Make?

If you’re reading this page, it might be because you or someone you’re close to, such as a loved one, dear friend, or extended family member, has been injured in a vehicular accident involving a commercial semi-truck – and that injury has been severe or catastrophic enough to cause permanent damage, pain and suffering, undue anguish, mounting hospital bills and medical expenses, unpaid bills at home, and loss of salary and wages and income from work. It is truly a tragedy from which no one benefits.

Such a scenario is exactly what the Personal Injury laws of the state of Indiana are designed to remedy. By way of litigation in court or through arbitration before a hearing board, injured parties can make their claim for compensation payable by the party responsible for the injury-causing accident, whether that be an individual owner-operator truck driver, the trucking company, or its liability insurance company.

Indeed, such a scenario is precisely why Montross Miller LLP, attorneys-at-law in Indianapolis, Indiana, have been in the business of representing the better interests of persons severely injured in semi-truck accidents on Indiana highways since 1980.

However, it must be noted that not every injury incurred during a semi-truck accident warrants litigation. To be viewed as a legitimate claim of Catastrophic Personal Injury, there are several essential elements that must be proven in order to render a verdict in favor of the injured, and thus claim fair and just restitution:

  1. That the accident was the fault of the driver of the commercial semi-truck, or due to inadequate oversight on the part of any trucking companies involved.
  2. That the driver’s fault was a consequence of negligence, recklessness, distraction, neglect, aggressive driving, improper technique, ignorance of safety standards, failure to check a blind spot, insufficient rest breaks, malfunctioning equipment, violation of weight restrictions, disregard for the safety of others, or wanton dereliction of duty.
  3. That the semi-truck accident directly caused an injury or injuries to other persons involved.
  4. That those injuries are sufficiently severe, catastrophic, or life-altering to cause losses and damages of a pecuniary, medical, and/or psychological nature. (Losses can be extended to cover the injured’s family, if the injured party was the family’s primary breadwinner and source of income.)
  5. That the amount of financial compensation being sought is justifiable and appropriate given the severity of the injuries, the quantitative total of monetary losses, medical bills, and unexpected expenses, and the endurance of pain suffered by the afflicted – to include both the injured party’s physical pain and loss of function, and the family’s anguish due to the experience of such a traumatic event.

For each element, there exists a requisite burden of proof that must be met. This standard is reached by the accumulation of a preponderance of evidence in the form of witness testimony, the input of experts such as traffic engineers and law enforcement personnel familiar with the truck crash, any available photos, videotape or police report of the accident scene, documentation of medical procedures, insurance policies, copies of bills, and the emotional and financial impact on the wrongfully injured person’s family, among other things.

It’s a hefty burden of proof, but it is attainable if the case is backed by sufficient available evidence. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a cut-and-dry, open-and-shut case of Personal Injury due to Commercial Semi-Truck Accident – assuredly, any defending attorney or insurance provider will make certain of that.

Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer For the Most Difficult, Challenging, Complex Cases

By their very nature, claims of catastrophic injury from tractor trailer crashes and collisions with large trucks and other commercial vehicles are exceedingly complex. To understand how complex and complicated such cases can get, re-read the five elements listed above and pretend you’re the lawyer who must find, distill and present every shred of evidentiary material in front of a discerning judge, jury or arbiter. Imagine how prepared you would need to be in order to cover every detail about the semi-truck accident and subsequent damages – everything from the relative speeds of the vehicles, to the road and weather conditions, to the driver’s behavior and previous driving record; from the hospital records accounting for the severe injuries to the injured party’s medical history; from the income and support that’s irrevocably and forevermore lost, to the mountain of bills and expenses that would normally have been paid but aren’t. In each case of serious Personal Injuries arising from a collision with tractor trailers or other commercial trucks, there’s quite a lot to talk about.

Fortunately for Hoosiers who’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer severe Personal Injury or Wrongful Death from incidents of Semi-Truck Vehicular Accidents, every Indianapolis truck crash lawyer at Montross Miller LLP has specialized in successfully handling some of the most complex, convoluted, complicated Accident Injury trials to come before Indiana courts.

Indeed, difficult cases involving truck collisions are our specialty – in fact, a majority of the Semi-Truck Accident cases we take on at Montross Miller LLP are for clients referred to us from other Indiana law firms. Since we were founded in 1980 as an Indianapolis truck accident attorney, we’ve earned a well-deserved reputation as an experienced lawyer willing and able to go the extra mile, do the additional research, and find the best experts to strengthen our clients’ cases and win the compensation to which our clients are justly entitled.

The Awful Possibilities of Semi-Truck Accidents

Any time there’s a collision involving a tractor trailer, it’s a major incident. There’s no such thing as a minor fender-bender when the vehicle doing the bending weighs some 35,000 pounds – or more than twice that if it’s fully loaded.

Do a bit of math: Mass times velocity is momentum, so a big rig weighing 50,000 pounds and traveling 50 miles per hour carries more than 500,000 Newton-seconds of momentum – which, if imparted fully into a passenger vehicle weighing a mere 2,000 pounds, can suddenly and hugely accelerate that little automobile (and the poor souls inside) from whatever speed and direction it was originally going to more than 50 mph in whatever direction the truck hits it. The force on the car is enormous, the mass of the car is comparatively tiny, so the acceleration is tremendous – and, sadly, often not survivable. Practically, the struck car is likely to flip over, collide with other cars, and probably wind up off the road entirely, or pushed into opposing traffic. If this sounds like a frightening scenario, it should.

Even that is a simplified portrayal of semi-truck accidents. Remember that a trailer is trailing the tractor, and in a terrible collision big rigs can jackknife, sweeping up other cars as it does. Plus, the contents of the trailer could spill out, so if the colliding truck is hauling harmful chemicals or heavy equipment, all the more’s the danger.

Basically, whenever a semi-truck hits a car, the car loses – and every person inside the car is almost invariably going to suffer significant injury or worse. Semi-truck accidents are invariably extremely serious. Just scan local news reports for the keyword “semi-truck accidents” and you’ll find stories of truck crash fatalities caused by massive commercial semi-trucks on a nearly daily basis.

It takes specialized skills and honed training for commercial semi-truck drivers to do their necessary job safely, and for the most part big rig drivers are among the safest on Indiana’s highways. They need to be, because there’s a lot more than the timely delivery of groceries or bicycles or pianos at stake – the lives and livelihoods of everyone else sharing the road is in peril too, if ever an 18-wheeler loses even momentary control.

How Montross Miller Gets the Best Results For Truck Accident Claims

We’ve earned a reputation as the preeminent Indianapolis truck accident lawyer because of the thoroughness of our research and the breadth of our knowledge. For success in an accident claim case stemming from an Indiana truck accident, being knowledgeable entails much more than complete familiarity with Indiana’s laws against reckless truck drivers and negligent trucking companies.

To provide the most effective representation for clients injured in a truck accident and to present the best possible case in front of juries or to defending insurance companies, Montross Miller prepares to the utmost. In the course of performing pre-trial discovery of the specific case, our team of truck accident lawyers will dig into all available records about the truck driver and the trucking company, including driving history, safety procedures, maintenance records, Department of Transportation logs, black box data, and GPS coordinates to determine speed, direction, and deceleration (if any). In addition, your Montross Miller semi-truck accident attorney solicits corroborating witness testimony to attest to the validity of the injured party’s claim, thereby strengthening the case as an accident genuinely caused by negligence. Plus, we go further, bringing in experts to assist in the interpretation of the facts of the case, so that we’re even better prepared to present strong arguments in court and successfully withstand cross-examination during trial.

Our goal is not to embarrass or shame the defending truck driver, trucking company or insurance carrier; instead, the mission of Montross Miller with every semi-truck accident injury case we take is to achieve the most fair compensation possible for our client, given the particulars of the case. In cases of catastrophic injury due to a semi-truck accident, Indiana truck accident victims need to know that justice must be served…and justice is what we always strive for.

An Attorney With Compassion Makes a Passionate Attorney

In all our decades of experience as injury lawyers in Indianapolis, Indiana, and across the Great Midwest, we must admit we’ve yet to have a client contact Montross Miller LLP with potential claims of Catastrophic Personal Injury or Wrongful Death due to serious accidents with semi-trucks because they wanted to, or because they thought it would be fun. When an individual or family reaches out to us, or is referred to our law firm from a fellow Indiana accident attorney, it’s because they’ve been beset with a horrific tragedy that has upended their lives, perhaps permanently, and they’re now dealing with a mountain of medical bills and the hardship of lost income. Clients know they need to team up with the legal experts at Montross Miller LLP if they’re going to have any chance of getting legal satisfaction and returning to some semblance of normalcy, insofar as is anymore possible. Every client suffering from severe injury caused by a distracted, reckless or impaired semi-truck driver or a negligent trucking company has a sad story to tell.

Compassion for the client is part of the job of truck accident attorney. It is our compassion that grants us a fuller understanding of what the client has gone and is going through, and what their family is enduring – and moreover, it is that same sense of compassion and empathy that drives our firm’s desire to work as hard as we can to get the legal results the client deserves, including and especially the fullest amount of compensation under Indiana law. When dealing with a case of serious Personal Injury caused by an accident involving oversized commercial vehicles, things can very quickly become very complicated – and the fight with defending trucking companies, insurance companies or their legal counsel can become very combative. In such a situation you need to have the best Indianapolis truck accident attorneys on your side, and you need those attorneys to guide you confidently and compassionately through every twist and turn the case could present. (It helps when the partner attorneys at that law firm bring more than a century of combined experience to bear on your case. It helps a lot.)

Through it all, the entire staff of lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries at Montross Miller LLP will be your unwavering, relentless advocates from the very moment we accept your case until its ultimate resolution. Our attorneys know the law, of course – but every lawyer in our firm is dedicated to helping injured clients attain the best possible outcome under the law, in the form of maximum compensation. It’s just, it’s fair, it’s what’s right for semi accident victims – and it’s what we’re here for.

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Don’t be timid about fighting for your rights and your family’s well-being. If you have reason to believe your or a loved one is a trucking accident victim and that your catastrophic and costly injuries are the direct result of that truck accident in Indiana, today is the best day to begin the process of seeking a fair settlement of restitution for your losses and damages.

The first step is an easy one: Contact Montross Miller LLP, the premier Indiana truck accident attorney for a free case evaluation. Call us at phone number 317-574-4500 in the Indianapolis metropolitan area or 1-888-599-2640 across Indiana and the Midwest, or fill out the online contact form. Schedule your initial meeting with the Montross Miller staff, a FREE consultation at which a qualified paralegal takes all relevant information you have and informs you of what further info might be needed.

Equipped with the information thus provided, the entire expert staff at Montross Miller confers together to determine the strength of your accident case and assess the likelihood of winning a verdict in the injured party’s favor. If our experience judges that the case has merit and we believe there’s a winning, valid, truthful argument that provides an undeniable preponderance of evidence to prove all the necessary elements to the jury or to the insurance company of the trucking company – those elements being that it was negligence which led to the accident, that the accident caused the injuries, and that the injuries caused damaging losses and undue hardship – then we will offer the client a representation agreement, whereupon the Indianapolis law firm of Montross Miller LLP is on the case.

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We want claimants to be active advocates for their own legal claim, so we encourage clients to be as informed and educated about their circumstances as possible. We invite all interested parties to connect with Montross Miller LLP, the premier personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Facebook at and on Twitter @INinjurylaw. Please note that neither Montross Miller’s social media platforms nor our website is intended to dispense legal advice, and should not be considered for such.

In the aftermath of any automobile accident involving 18-wheelers, big rigs or commercial semi-trucks, people dealing with the terrible afflictions thereby caused are in need of the most experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, aggressive lawyer the Hoosier State has. That’s the Indianapolis law firm of Montross Miller LLP, where we work to fulfill our promise of Strength Today, Security Tomorrow™.

For families who’ve suffered injury or death due to a severe Semi-Truck Accident on the roads of Indiana, rely on the premier Negligence & Accident attorneys of Montross Miller LLP in Indianapolis, IN: Strength Today; Security Tomorrow.™

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