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In our 40 years as a premier Personal Injury law firm in Indianapolis, IN, the attorneys of Montross Miller LLP have argued many cases in Indiana court involving Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). By medical definition, TBI is a sudden disruption in normal cerebral functions, most commonly caused by a blow, jolt or severe bump to a person’s head.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are serious conditions and our Brain Injury Lawyers take our clients’ interests just as seriously. The sheer number of Personal Injury legal cases we’ve litigated over the past four decades gives Montross Miller’s injury attorneys the collective experience and institutional expertise to represent individuals and families dealing with the terrible, life-altering effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries.

First, your Montross Miller injury lawyer will seek to understand the root of your claim of traumatic brain injuries due to negligence, abuse or malpractice. If you or your loved one’s case of TBI is the result of a car accident, commercial semi-truck wreck, plane crash or train wreck, the result of a sports injury, or due to an accident at work on a dangerous construction site or in a place of inadequate security, the Indianapolis attorneys-at-law of Montross Miller LLP will dig deep to determine whether the claimant has sufficient standing, whether civil action is warranted on the plaintiff’s behalf, and what research and which experts we can bring in to bolster arguments in litigation and possible trial.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, the law offices of Montross Miller LLP work with unrivaled diligence to provide clients with Strength Today & Security Tomorrow™, supporting them before, during and after their day(s) in court and offering the utmost in both knowledge and compassion. Please call our offices on Keystone Crossing in downtown Indy at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 to request your initial FREE consultation with Indianapolis’ most respected injury lawyer for victims of Traumatic Brain Injury.

The Most Personal Injury There Is: Brain Injury

It used to be called “getting your bell rung.” Taking an occasional bop on the head has long been, for many kids, a normal part of roughhousing or playing sports. But concussions are in fact highly abnormal – the brain slams against the skull with enough force to bruise the grey matter, causing a contusion that causes confusion. Over time, especially if repeated, concussions can lead to serious debilitating conditions such as neurological degradation and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Concussion is one example of traumatic brain injury; there are numerous others. Young children, elderly persons and individuals with compromised strength are especially susceptible to TBI and its effects, both short-term and long-term – but anyone of any age could be severely hurt in the event of a serious head or brain injury due to:

Falling. Accidental falls from a bed, ladder, roof, down the stairs, in a bathtub or through an open window or unstable surface.

Collisions. Car crashes are far too common worldwide and Indiana is no exception. However, the advanced technology of modern vehicles keeps alive many accident victims who, in previous generations of cars, would have died in the crash. So automobiles are better at keeping us safe in car accidents, but people are no better at driving than they were 50 or 60 years ago. What happens is that which does not kill people often makes them badly hurt, and head injuries are exceedingly common in vehicular collisions – whether driver, passenger, another driver, a motorcycle rider or a pedestrian. Most likely, your head’s gonna hurt and your brain may not be the same.

Concussions. These are serious and, especially when suffered cumulatively, have severe adverse long-term consequences on the victim’s medical condition and quality of life. Concussions are not uncommon events in certain sports in which collisions occur, like football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, boxing, competitive martial arts, skateboarding, snowboarding and extreme sports. Even with proper precautions and the most advanced equipment, there’s no escaping the concussive effect of a sudden deceleration of your body while your brain smashes into the inside of your cranium.

Victims of explosions commonly report traumatic brain injury, even if they weren’t immediately proximate to the explosion. It is thought that the shock of fast-moving pressure waves may concuss the skull and disrupt brain function, perhaps significantly or injuriously.

Cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome result in traumatic injuries to the brain and neck. Babies’ necks are astonishingly weak, and shaking needn’t be all that violent to cause terrible injury – which, if suffered due to negligence or malpractice in Indiana, must be met with the strongest legal action.

Penetration wounds. Admittedly the most gory, but it does happen and can become a matter for civil legal action. Head wounds from accidental or misdirected gunshots, violent assault and domestic abuse, shrapnel or debris to the head or face due to a blast, fallout from a blast, or being flung headfirst into other objects by a blast.

No type of brain injury is comfortable to talk about, but in fact every brain injury is unique – so much so that it takes the experience, resources, and skills of an accomplished, experienced law firm such as Montross Miller LLP to determine the facts of each unique brain injury case and present the most compelling argument that the injuried party is due fair and just compensation.

After enduring the ravages of an awful traumatic brain injury, whether on the job, in an accident, or participating in a sport, it’s absolutely crucial to hire an Indianapolis personal injury attorney with experience litigating Traumatic Brain Injury cases before insurance companies and courtroom juries.

How Traumatic Brain Injury May Medically Present

As top personal injury lawyer for Indiana brain injury victims, we know that another reason for the immense complexity of law suits involving Traumatic Brain Injury is the highly disparate nature of how (and how often) a patient could exhibit symptoms of their head injury. Even after formal medical attention has ceased, the ramifications and long term effects that injury victims must deal with can be debilitating, and sometimes slow in setting in. Brain damage can be an insidious condition, with brain injury symptoms like mood swings, vision problems, headaches, dizziness, seizures, loss of muscle coordination, speech problems, memory problems such as memory loss and amnesia, lack of concentration, light and noise sensitivity, depression, and even personality changes not uncommon if the TBI victims’ injuries are severe enough.

Part of what makes Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) such an intractable medical condition is that symptoms may not present consistently, or may abate and return, or may vary from patient to patient. On one patient visit, a CT, MRI or PET scan may initially look unpromising, but a subsequent scan could very well appear to show improvement (whether actual or not). Memory capacity can come and go – and it doesn’t take a brain injury to have a faulty memory. Personality changes may be difficult to objectively prove, especially if subtle. Unfortunately, it’s within these inabsolute shades of grey that opposing lawyers for allegedly negligent parties and their insurance companies can sow doubt about the legitimacy of the injuries’ cause or even the injuries themselves.

Every established, accomplished Indianapolis Traumatic Brain Injury lawyer at Montross Miller LLP is ideally suited to put together the most solid, iron-clad argument that acknowledges the nuances while cutting to the chase: That you have suffered debilitating brain injuries which we can medically identify, and that the injury is the direct result of negligence or malpractice, and that the injury has directly caused pain, anguish, damages, losses, and unexpected expenses to yourself and your loved ones.

The Philosophy That Guides Our Pursuit of Just, Fair Compensation For Cases of Traumatic Brain Injuries

There’s a reason why the hardest bone of the human skeleton is the one that covers up and protects our so-called coconut. The human brain is, to our knowledge, the most complex single item the Universe has ever created, and it’s the sole organ in our body that literally makes each of us who we are. It is a terrible travesty when an accident or an incident of neglect leads to horrible traumatic brain injuries, easily among the most harmful types of injuries to suffer. The pain and suffering of TBI victims and their families unfortunately can last for years or even a lifetime.

Justice must be served to the utmost. Serving victims of Personal Injury due to Malpractice or Negligence has been the unrivaled hallmark of Montross Miller LLP since we opened our Indianapolis law offices in 1980. We want to show our compassion for the plight of our injured clients, so we work diligently to explore every angle and strengthen each case.

Every single distinguished Indianapolis brain injury attorney with the esteemed law firm of Montross Miller LLP is experienced at successfully taking on cases of severe brain injuries caused by incidences of neglect, malpractice or disregard for safety. We’ve earned an enduring reputation for going the extra mile to collect all the information needed to put forth the most compelling fact-based argument and argue for the greatest amount of compensation allowable under law and given the circumstances of a case.

The Irreplaceable Significance of Having Brain Injury Law Suit Experience

Every lawyer on the Montross Miller team of attorneys brings a wealth of experience handling some of the most difficult cases of Personal Injury any Indiana courtroom has witnessed. Combined, the brain injury lawyers at Montross Miller LLP own nearly an entire century of legal know-how, and that’s made us the go-to law firm in Indianapolis and throughout the Hoosier State for the most complex, complicated cases of Personal Injury – and it doesn’t get more complex than cases of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).

One of the reasons why TBI is a complicated, difficult matter for juries in courts to adjudicate and cast verdict upon is that brain injury is an inherently complex medical matter. When you suffer an injury to your cerebrum – whether it’s a severe bump on the head, car accident, bike accident, a heavy collision in a sport like football or hockey, faulty equipment like helmets, an incidence of whiplash, getting hit by a falling object, or by taking a fall – it’s a biological fact that the full extend of the resulting neurological effects are not immediately knowable and often cannot be fully known. Moreover, connecting the proverbial dots to demonstrate that in fact it was a purported case of negligence committed by another responsible party which caused your brain injury can be a particularly arduous legal proof.

That’s exactly why Montross Miller LLP goes to extra lengths to obtain all pertinent medical records, police records, expert testimony, witness testimony, and all available evidence about your injury/TBI case. Insurance companies are not eager to pay damages in cases of Traumatic Brain Injury due to alleged malpractice or neglect; indeed, insurance company attorneys will make every conceivable argument to cast doubt on the causation of the claimant’s cerebral injuries and/or the extent and severity of the neurological, psychological and physical effects. Even in person in court, members of the jury may be rendered dubious of certain types of non-self-evident cases of Catastrophic Personal Injury, especially Traumatic Brain Injury, and deduce or be persuaded that because “the brain scans are clean” and “they look just fine” there’s no reason to award compensation.

Our experienced Indianapolis Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys counter that with expert witnesses, rebutting with trusted medical professionals who can correct for the record just how “clean” the scans really are, whether that cleanliness means what the insurance company wants arbitrators to think it does, what symptoms the patient is really dealing with, and why the amount of damage for losses due to these brain injuries is as claimed.

It takes diligence. In order to objectively demonstrate the cause-and-effect of their negligence and your brain injuries – plus the undue losses and damages caused by said injury – Montross Miller LLP digs very deep: We do exhaustive discovery and research on your particular Traumatic Brain Injury claim, first to determine the validity and winnability of civil action and potential subsequent litigation, then to perform the most thorough research into each aspect of your case in order to win the most fair compensation.

In Indianapolis, the Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers of Montross Miller Make Your Best Case

If you or a loved one suffer from the long term effects of a concussion or other traumatic brain injuries (TBI) caused by inadequate safety protocols or someone else’s negligent behavior, it pays to call us at 317-574-4500 in the Indianapolis IN metro area or 1-888-599-2640 all over Indiana. You may also contact us about your Indianapolis traumatic brain injury case through our secure website; fill out the short online form, and one of our law firm’s extremely competent paralegals will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your initial FREE consultation and case evaluation.

It makes sense for you and your family to partner with the accomplished, experienced Indiana injury lawyers of Montross Miller LLP to pursue justice and fairness in the wake of a terrible Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). If ever you or any family members need the best brain injury lawyers in the Great Midwest, choose Montross Miller LLP. We serve all of the state of Indiana from our home offices in Indianapolis, and we provide the same Strength Today & Security Tomorrow™ we’ve been providing Personal Injury clients since 1980.

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