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As Indianapolis lawyers handling the most complex cases of negligence on Indiana’s roadways, we know that one of the most difficult parts of any legal case involving a Semi-Truck Accident is re-creating exactly what happened.

Throughout our 40 years of law practice in Indiana, Montross Miller LLP has earned a reputation as top Truck Accident attorneys because we represent plaintiffs with facts, records, material testimony and expert witnesses that get to the root cause of the accident – and get the best possible outcome for our clients.

It isn’t easy, but Montross Miller’s experienced attorneys know how to obtain all relevant records from all parties involved, gather them into a coherent legal case, and (if necessary) present those facts in court, working to assure that our clients are granted satisfactory recovery of losses due to damages, both financial and emotional.

The primary reason for the extraordinary difficulty in handling Semi-Truck Accident cases is due to the inherent complexity of such cases. As Indianapolis lawyers litigating a Truck Accident, we work to track down facts and records like GPS tracking, the big rig’s trip plan, how many hours the driver had been awake, how much rest they most recently got, and where the commercial vehicle was heading, how fast it was going, and whether the brake was applied when the accident happened. Then we bring those facts to the settlement table or to court, cutting through the fog of murky memories and conflicting accounts with cold, hard facts.

In law, facts matter. As American patriot John Adams famously quipped, facts are stubborn things. Montross Miller LLP has the resources to compel police departments and commercial motor carriers to provide all relevant facts under a legal proceeding’s discovery phase – then our Indiana Truck Accident lawyers have the experience to bring it all together and present the best possible legal case on behalf of our clients.

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Since 1980, Indianapolis’ premier Semi Truck Accident lawyers have been Montross Miller LLP: Strength Today; Security Tomorrow.™

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