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The attorneys of Montross Miller LLP are Indiana’s top legal specialists in the litigation of Wrongful Death cases.

The Difference Is Our Experience

Founded in 1980, Montross Miller LLP brings more than 40 years of legal expertise to bear on every Wrongful Death lawsuit we take. That level of experience – finding the best expert testimony, arguing in front of juries, dealing with other lawyers, pursuing the utmost in justice for our clients under the law – allows Montross Miller of Indianapolis to go above and beyond in every Wrongful Death claim.

But after four decades of experience in the Indiana legal system, the attorneys of Montross Miller know that it takes more than legal know-how to serve our clients’ interests. It takes sensitivity and compassion for what our client is going through.

Every case of Wrongful Death is an unfortunate one. Often, Indiana families seek out Montross Miller’s advice soon after a loved one has passed away, sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly. The Wrongful Death of a loved one is a terrible tragedy for the family left behind. As an experienced Indiana wrongful death lawyer, every attorney at Montross Miller recognizes the emotional turmoil our clients are dealing with. We solemnly promise that we will handle every Wrongful Death case with the sensitivity and sympathy that you deserve, respecting what the loss of your loved one means and utilizing the fullness of our resources to win the most fair compensation to account for what your family’s gone through.

Over our 40 years in the practice of law, the experienced Indianapolis-based Wrongful Death attorneys of Montross Miller LLP have argued many Wrongful Death cases in Indiana courts before juries of Hoosiers. Over that span, we’ve taken on some of the most complicated, complex Wrongful Death cases to come through the court system, performing much of our most important litigation work before we even enter the courtroom – from our initial complimentary consultation with the family considering a possible Wrongful Death suit, to working with expert witnesses and making a full discovery of every detail in the case. When a family endures the loss of a loved one and needs legal representation in a case of Wrongful Death, experience matters.

Think You May Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

If your family has lost a loved one as a result of an instance of negligence, neglect, medical malpractice, unsafe work environment, or violent physical assault, you may be entitled under Indiana law to reasonable compensation for your tragic, unjust losses.

There’s plenty for which you should be compensated. Clients who come to us with Wrongful Death claims are often beset by much more than pain, anguish and suffering caused by the sudden, unexpected loss of a dear family member. A case of Wrongful Death can cripple a family’s financial situation, piling up medical bills, lost wages, and funeral expenses.

Take advantage of our offer for a FREE consultation and let’s determine whether you have a case. Contact Montross Miller LLP, the most relied-upon Wrongful Death lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana; let’s earnestly discuss the circumstances of your loss, the alleged wrongful act, the facts of your potential claim and assess the likelihood of winning compensation, should you opt to proceed with litigation.

A Brief Rundown Of Our Law Firm’s Litigation Procedures

First, compile all available documentation about the Wrongful Death claim you’re considering making. Then, reach out to the Indianapolis wrongful death experts of Montross Miller to request a FREE case review. Contact us via telephone at 317-574-4500 in Indianapolis or 1-888-599-2640 around Indiana and the rest of the Great Midwest, and schedule your complimentary first meeting with our qualified paralegal staff at which you’ll present the information you have about the tragic loss of your loved one.

Alternatively, clients may contact us via one of our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter

Once we’ve collected the info and facts pertinent to your claim, the team of expert Indiana wrongful death attorneys at Montross Miller conferences to perform a case evaluation, digging into the details, utilizing our nearly 100 combined years of jury trial experience to honestly evaluate the claim’s validity, strength, and likelihood of achieving a successful outcome for the client that would provide them with the fair compensation to which they’re entitled. If our Indianapolis wrongful death attorneys agree that your case merits litigation, we will agree to be your personal representative and file a wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf.

The Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyer With Compassion For Clients

With more than 40 years as trusted Indianapolis wrongful death lawyers, the team at Montross Miller LLP have worked unrelentingly to realize justice for our clients. We try to understand and empathize with their painful circumstances to the greatest degree possible, and we use that empathy as motivation for working diligently to prove your claim of the Wrongful Death of your loved one, and to show the reasons why the bereft family deserves to be awarded the maximum amount of compensation permissible under Indiana code.

The fact is that any client making a Wrongful Death claim must live with the knowledge that they shall never see, talk with, or hug their loved one ever again – and that their untimely loss was caused by the wrongful, negligent, neglectful or perhaps deliberately harmful actions of another.

Typical Reasons For Wrongful Death Claims

As a legal term, the phrase “Wrongful Death” is defined as a person’s death caused by the negligent, neglectful, or willful misconduct or omission of proper act by another person or corporate entity, which is then liable for subsequent damages and suffering. Upon the final ruling of an arbitration board or an Indiana jury – or upon pre-trial settlement with the defending party and its insurance company – a case of Wrongful Death is resolved with the awarding of fair, justifiable compensation to the victim’s family, recompensing them as much as possible for the decedent’s lost current wages, lost future earnings, lost love and support, and the lost presence of their loved one forevermore.

The variety of lethal incidents which could be judged as Wrongful Death (thus meriting pecuniary restitution payable to the family of the victim) is quite wide. In legalese, any act or inaction which results in personal injury or wrongful death is known as a tort.

Common Examples Of Torts Necessitating Civil Action In Indiana Court

Vehicular Manslaughter: When the death occurs in or as a direct result of a motor vehicle accident, semi-truck crash or motorcycle collision which itself resulted from another driver’s negligent, reckless, distracted, inattentive, or drug- and/or alcohol-impaired driving, or from demonstrably malfunctioning or substandard automotive equipment sold by the manufacturer.

Collisions Between Cars and Pedestrians or Bicyclists: When the loss of life occurs on the streets of Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana, due to a car striking and killing someone on foot or on a bike (and the driver is ruled at-fault). In such car accidents, the pedestrian or cyclist never wins.

Airplane Accident: When the death occurs in or as a result of an airplane accident due to pilot error, traffic control miscue, or faulty equipment.

Medical Malpractice: When the loss of life results from a mistake, improper procedure, gross misdiagnosis, abject neglect, non-testing, under-testing, dereliction of duty of any medical professional or healthcare-providing corporation. Also may include abuse or negligence by a hospital, nursing home, or elder care facility, as well as mistakes in surgery or surgical technique by a surgeon.

Work Hazard: When the death is the result of occupational exposure to dangerous, hazardous conditions or substances. Deaths on the job commonly occur as the result of falling from a roof or scaffold, being struck by a falling object, being crushed by heavy machinery, electrocutions, drowning, and prolonged exposure to lethal chemicals such as asbestos, coal dust, diesel fumes, carbon monoxide, toluene, and other contaminants found in certain workplace settings like factories, mines, and construction zones. (Note: Many cases of Personal Injury or Wrongful Death fall into the jurisdiction of Indiana’s laws on Worker’s Compensation.)

Commercial Product Malfunction: When the loss of life occurs as the result of the proper usage of a product as designed and intended. This falls into the legal category of Strict Liability. Examples include missing safeguards, defective design, inadequate safety warnings, faulty medical devices, contaminated food, dangerous medications, and toxic chemicals that leech from products.

Vicious Animal Attack: Though exceedingly rare, deaths to humans do sometimes happen as the result of an attack from an unrestrained animal owned by another person. The death could be from the attack itself, or from a disease (such as rabies) contracted during the attack.

Slip-and-Fall Accident: When the death occurs as the result of unsafe, slippery, or unstable surface conditions on the responsible party’s property, allowing the victim to slip and injure themselves to a fatal degree.

Personal Physical Assault: When the death is the result of murder, manslaughter, wanton recklessness and disregard for life and safety, or other criminal behavior.

Complex Cases Are Our Specialty

With over 40 years as the preeminent Indianapolis wrongful death lawyer, Montross Miller LLP has earned a sterling reputation as the law firm other law firms refer their toughest, most intractable, most difficult, complex, convoluted, complicated cases involving Wrongful Death claims.

It’s no secret why. The key is thorough research and superior expertise. Every attorney at Montross Miller always bring in the most knowledgeable professionals to lend their considerable expertise to the cause of proving your case. This means we work with top Indiana doctors, traffic engineers, safety officers – any reliable and trustworthy expert whose objective perspective serves to strengthen our Wrongful Death claim and demonstrate justification for compensation.

Proving to a jury or an arbiter that the loss of your loved one was the result of negligence, malpractice, or recklessness – and thus requires compensation to be paid to the victim’s family – is no small feat. As Indiana’s top Wrongful Death attorneys, Montross Miller LLP works to amass such a preponderance of proof that juries and arbitrators see the case as we want them to – or that opposing insurance companies choose to settle with the victim’s family before court litigation can even proceed.

Talk With The Best Wrongful Death Attorney In Indiana

We fight for victims’ rights. We believe that as Wrongful Death attorneys in Indianapolis, deaths by negligence, malpractice, or intentional harm must be answered with the strongest legal and personal representation available. That’s Montross Miller LLP.

Call us at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 to discuss your case – no matter how complicated or complex – in a FREE consultation with some of the top legal minds in Indiana. Please be advised that Montross Miller does not accept every Wrongful Death case referred to us – but please know that when we do take a Wrongful Death case, we will pursue every available means under Indiana law to resolve the case in our client’s favor and win the compensation to which they’re entitled. That’s what matters to the family left behind when their loved one died, and that’s what matters to the wrongful death law firm of Montross Miller LLP.

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