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Based in Indianapolis, the attorneys of Montross Miller LLP are Indiana’s top legal specialists in the litigation of Wrongful Death cases.

The difference is our experience. Montross Miller LLP brings 40 years of legal expertise to bear on every Wrongful Death lawsuit we take. That level of experience – finding the best expert testimony, arguing in front of juries, dealing with other lawyers, pursuing the utmost in justice for our clients under the law – allows Montross Miller of Indianapolis to go above and beyond in every case of Wrongful Death.

But after four decades of experience in the Indiana legal system, the attorneys of Montross Miller know that it takes more than legal know-how to serve our clients’ interests. It takes sensitivity and compassion for what our client is going through.

Every case of Wrongful Death is an unfortunate one. Often, Indiana families seek out Montross Miller’s advice soon after a loved one has passed away, sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly. A Wrongful Death is a terrible tragedy for those left behind, and our lawyers for wrongful death in Indiana recognize the emotional turmoil our clients are dealing with. We solemnly promise that we will handle every Wrongful Death case with the sensitivity and sympathy that you deserve.

Over our 40 years in the practice of law, the Indianapolis-based Wrongful Death attorneys of Montross Miller LLP have argued many Wrongful Death cases in Indiana courts before juries of Hoosiers. Over that span, we’ve taken on some of the most complicated, complex Wrongful Death cases to come through the court system, performing much of our most important litigation work before we even enter the courtroom – from our initial complimentary consultation with the family considering a possible Wrongful Death suit, to working with expert witnesses and making a full discovery of every detail in the case. If your family ever needs legal representation in a case of Wrongful Death, experience matters.

We are Indianapolis’ Wrongful Death attorneys. Call us at 317-574-4500 or 1-888-599-2640 to discuss your case – no matter how complicated or complex – in a FREE consultation with a few of the top legal minds in Indiana. Please be advised that Montross Miller does not accept every Wrongful Death case referred to us – but please know that when we do take a Wrongful Death case, we will pursue every available means under Indiana law to resolve the case in our client’s favor. That’s what matters to those left behind when their loved one died, and that’s what matters to the wrongful death law firm of Montross Miller LLP.

The Indianapolis Wrongful Death attorneys of Montross Miller: Strength Today; Security Tomorrow.™

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