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Welcome to the law offices of Montross Miller LLP, located on the 12th floor of 8900 Keystone Crossing in Indianapolis, where practice some of the finest and most accomplished Medical Malpractice attorneys in the Hoosier State. As an Indiana law firm since 1980, we do what we do (demonstrably well) not because the subject matter is enjoyable, but because we’re driven to provide every injured client our utmost compassion and understanding combined with the best possible legal expertise. Should anyone be unfortunate enough to be afflicted with a serious, damaging, life-altering injury caused by a healthcare professional’s negligence, Montross Miller’s attorneys possess the knowledge, experience, resources and determination to produce the most compelling argument to present to juries or insurance companies – even in the most complex, complicated and medically detailed cases of Medical Malpractice & Negligence.

More than 40 years pursuing fair restitution in Indiana courtrooms gives the Indianapolis-based Medical Malpractice attorneys of Montross Miller LLP the ability and wherewithal to confidently offer each client Strength Today and Security Tomorrow.™ We invite you to meet our lawyers at and read about their extensive backgrounds in Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury law – including a multitude of honors from, certifications by and memberships with the most prestigious associations in Indiana’s legal profession.

Over those four decades (and counting), the attorneys at Montross Miller have worked a wide variety of Medical Malpractice lawsuits for victims in the Indianapolis area, around Indiana and in the Great Midwest beyond. The varieties of Med Mal experience are as numerous as the plaintiffs who file complaints to the Indiana Department of Insurance (the first step in seeking compensation for losses and pain caused by injury, per the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act). Medical Malpractice claims have been made against: doctors for misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose critical diseases like cancer and heart disease; anesthesiologists for anesthesia errors causing strokes or brain injury; hospitals for surgery mistakes or incorrect amputations; radiologists for misread X-rays and technicians for improperly performed MRI and CT scans; nursing homes and extended-care facilities for neglect and abuse of convalescing or elderly patients; pharmacies and pharmacists for medicine errors and dosing inaccuracy; dentists and orthodontists for dental malpractice; obstetricians and maternity ward staff for childbirth injuries causing cerebral palsy and other maladies at birth; chiropractors for exacerbated or new injuries to joints, neck and spine; and other healthcare practitioners whose negligence led to harm.

What must be proven is that negligence occurred (by dint of action or inaction) and that said negligence directly caused injury to a patient. Substantiating such claims is what we’re the best at, no matter how complicated the case. Montross Miller has become Indianapolis’ go-to law firm for Medical Malpractice legal cases because of the level of expertise we bring in, compiling an unmatched amount of research and arming ourselves with thorough knowledge of your case and why you deserve compensation. How much medical malpractice settlement compensation you rightly deserve depends upon several factors, including the extent and severity of injuries, undue additional expenditures, loss of wages and income both present and future, the egregiousness of the instance of negligence, and the pain, suffering and anguish caused.

Two facts you should know about Medical Malpractice: 1) it is a relatively rare occurrence; the overwhelming majority of healthcare professionals in Indiana are highly competent and dedicated to heal, and 2) many claims of Medical Malpractice reach settlement before reaching court. We make it our priority to comprehensively explore all relevant circumstances of your potential Med Mal claim to ascertain its legitimacy; if in our experience we believe your claim of Medical Malpractice has merit and must be remedied via litigation, we promise to commit to you and your family our absolute dedication and full talents in seeking appropriate compensation for your injuries, whether we reach settlement with insurers in a hearing or win a verdict at a jury trial. The Indiana Medical Malpractice lawyers of Montross Miller, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, are ready to work to set things right.

Montross Miller LLP has been Indy’s premier Med Mal law firm for the past two score years. If you or a loved one has incurred losses due to an injury caused by Medical Negligence and Malpractice, call our team of attorneys at 317-574-4500 (in Indianapolis) or 888-599-2640 (throughout Indiana) or use the form at to request your FREE initial consultation. Take that important, necessary step toward seeking the fair compensation to which you’re entitled under Indiana law.

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