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We must talk about Medical Malpractice – which, as the go-to Medical Malpractice lawyers in Indianapolis since 1980, we at Montross Miller LLP literally have to do. But sincerely, we do need to discuss Medical Malpractice from a legal standpoint, including 1) what constitutes a litigable case of Medical Malpractice by a doctor, dentist, hospital, nurse, pharmacy, nursing home or any other healthcare provider whose negligence causes injury, 2) factors entering into a plea of fair restitution and compensation for the injured or harmed party’s pain, suffering, loss of income and damages, and 3) the Indiana laws that govern Med Mal litigation in the Hoosier State; namely, the statutes of the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act.

Firstly, if you or your family is considering filing a Medical Malpractice claim in Indiana court, the most important fact we can disclose to you is our phone number (317-574-4500 or 888-599-2640) to reach the Indianapolis law offices of Montross Miller LLP, a team of accomplished attorneys (meet them at specializing in the most complex, complicated legal cases of Medical Malpractice & Negligence. We’re such renowned specialists, in fact, that the bulk of our workload are referrals from other law firms in Indy and across the Midwest – but you can directly contact Indiana’s best law firm for Medical Malpractice to request a FREE initial consultation by calling or by using the form at Montross Miller LLP promises the most thorough research, unrivaled passion and an absolutely determined stance in arguing a case to a healthcare provider, insurance company or trial jury on an injured client’s behalf. For the people who are victims of Medical Negligence in Indiana, we’re the law firm offering Strength Today and Security Tomorrow™.

But not every Medical Malpractice case is the same – and Montross Miller has achieved success and earned our reputation largely by knowing which Med Mal cases to take. At the complimentary initial meeting, our first step is to gather all relevant facts about the circumstances of the alleged instance of Medical Malpractice due to caregiver neglect, including dates, notes, records, the client’s recollections and other relevant items. Specifically, we’re investigating for negligence in which the medical professional acted improperly or failed to act properly, directly leading to harm, injury or undue suffering – to wit, we’re looking for the level and type of malpractice being claimed. Once this info is collected, our lawyers meet to determine whether to accept the claim and pursue investigation.

If so, discovery commences. Before Montross Miller’s attorneys ever enter an Indiana courtroom (some litigation never reaches court), we dig deep into researching the claimant’s case, consulting with physicians to ascertain legitimacy of the Medical Malpractice allegation and a causal relationship between negligence and injury. If that requirement is satisfied and our firm’s lawyers believe there’s a demonstrable connection between that injury and the injured’s accrued losses, we will work side-by-side with the client in pursuit of justice and an appropriate financial settlement.

The process of pursuing a Medical Malpractice lawsuit in Indiana is controlled by the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act. This legislation governs the procedure any Med Mal plaintiff must follow, beginning with a formal complaint being filed with the Indiana Department of Insurance, which in turn notifies the accused individuals or corporations and their insurers. A panel of experts is formed with input from the plaintiff and the defendant; this panel studies the claim, takes depositions at a hearing, and issues an opinion as to its validity as Medical Malpractice. If the panel judges the claim as potential Medical Malpractice, or if we reasonably disagree with the experts’ assessment, we can proceed to a jury trial.

The Indiana Medical Malpractice Act also limits the total recovery possible from a Medical Malpractice claim, and caps the percentage attorneys may extract from financial settlements as their fee. Moreover, the Act regulates the method of annuitized payments in which settlements are dispersed.

As preeminent, experienced Medical Malpractice lawyers in Indianapolis, we have to talk about injuries and losses due to a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence. If you or a loved one are victims of neglect, abuse, medication error, dental malpractice or substandard medical care, and feel that you may have a case for medical malpractice in Indiana, please call Indiana’s choice law firm to handle the most complex Medical Malpractice cases. We’re Montross Miller LLP, we’re at 317-574-4500 or 888-599-2640, and our lawyers offer Strength Today and Security Tomorrow™.

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