Causes of Medical Malpractice

Childbirth Injury

Errors in obstetrical care can be particularly serious because they can affect two people – the mother and her baby. Good prenatal care is essential. Both the mother and the obstetrician have responsibilities during the prenatal period to assure the best possible delivery of a healthy baby. If the doctor doesn’t monitor the mother and the baby’s progress properly, unanticipated and hazardous consequences may result at the time of delivery.

When future parents go to the hospital to have their baby, it is a happy and exciting time. The obstetrician and the hospital nursing staff have responsibilities before the delivery and to monitor the mother and the baby’s condition throughout labor. They also have responsibilities to perform the safest delivery possible. If the doctor or the nurses do not properly read fetal monitor strips, if they wait too long to deliver the baby or if there are errors in the delivery technique, the delivery can be difficult and the results can be catastrophic.

We have represented parents and children in many cases involving a variety of childbirth-related medical malpractice claims. We insist on fair compensation for parents and children who are the victims of those injuries.