Causes of Medical Malpractice

Misdiagnosed Cancer

Many forms of cancer, when detected at an early stage, are curable. Early detection and treatment are the keys to a cancer patient having the very best chance of a cure. When a doctor suspects or should suspect, that a patient has cancer, that patient should be one of the most important patients in his or her practice. If a patient shows signs of having cancer or if an x-ray or a CT scan shows the likelihood of cancer and the doctor does not properly follow-up or refer the patient to a cancer specialist, the patient is deprived of the best chance of a cure. In some circumstances, the patient may die or his or her life expectancy may be shortened. To a cancer patient, every day is precious.

We have represented many patients whose cancer has been misdiagnosed or who have experienced an unnecessary delay in diagnosis. When we evaluate claims of misdiagnosed cancer medical malpractice, we consult with oncologists to determine the extent of the loss of a cure.