Causes of Medical Malpractice

Misread X-Rays, CT Scans and MRIs

In the last 30 years, medical technology has dramatically changed the way doctors diagnose illnesses. Although plain x-rays are still used, CT scans and MRI’s have allowed non-invasive diagnosis of a variety of diseases. Radiologists are physicians who read these diagnostic films and report their findings to your treating doctor. Patients almost never see the radiologist who reads their films but the radiologist is a very important part of the treatment team. Sometimes the doctor who orders a diagnostic film will read it himself or herself. An accurate reading of diagnostic films is essential because it forms the basis for your entire treatment plan.

Occasionally, the proper diagnostic films are not ordered or the films are misread by a radiologist or by a treating doctor. These errors can set in motion a treatment plan that is harmful to the patient, or that can delay proper treatment.

When a patient seeks our help concerning a case of Radiology medical malpractice, misread diagnostic films, or failure to order the proper radiological testing, the first step is to get copies of all of the films and have them reviewed by a consulting radiologist. We also consult with a doctor from the treating physician’s area of specialization, so that we can better understand the impact of the medical error on the patient’s outcome.