Causes of Medical Malpractice

Stroke and Brain Injury

Brain injuries can result from a variety of medical conditions and treatment errors. Perhaps the most common such condition is a stroke. A stroke is the rapid onset of loss of brain function due to interruption of blood supply to the brain because of blocked blood vessels. A person in the process of suffering a stroke needs immediate medical attention to prevent brain damage and even death. The first few hours after the onset of a stroke are the most crucial. The sooner a stroke victim is diagnosed and receives medical attention, the better the odds that permanent neurological damage can be minimized. In the United States and Europe, stroke is the most common form of disability in adults and is the third most common cause of death.

In those cases where medications could have improved the patient’s outcome, timing is everything. We consult with neurologists to determine whether medication would have improved the patient’s outcome. Then we carefully review the patient’s medical records and consider how much time elapsed between the onset of symptoms and the diagnosis of a stroke and how much time elapsed between the diagnosis and the administration of the proper medicine.

From our experience, we realize that every brain injury is unique. If medical malpractice causes a brain injury, we very carefully identify the brain injured patient’s ongoing needs and we seek full and fair compensation to provide for those needs.