Stats Provide Grim Picture of Motorcyclist Safety in Indiana

Posted in: Catastrophic Personal Injury | Apr 03,2019

Image result for motorcycle negligenceData for 2017 paints a somber picture of the motorcyclist safety situation in Indiana. According to the Indian University Public Policy Institute, in 2017, there were 147 fatalities in motorcycle accidents in Indiana.

This was a staggering 47 percent increase over 2016. It was also the highest jump on record since 2012, when there was a 28 percent jump over 2011. It can’t go unnoticed that the difference between these two jumps is staggeringly high.

Even more worrying is the fact that these collisions are often so deadly. The actual number of motorcycle accidents in Indiana is fairly small, and these collisions account for just about 2 percent of all accidents in Indiana. But when it comes to fatalities, motorcycle accidents claim a disproportionately higher number of lives. In 2017, motorcycle accident fatalities accounted for approximately 16 percent of the total number of traffic fatalities in the state.

Also in 2017, motorcyclists between the age of 55 and 64 ranked as the highest-risk age group of motorcyclists with the maximum number of fatalities occurring in this age group, compared to younger age groups. These statistics are replicated not just in the state of Indiana, but around the country. Older motorcyclists may have lost touch with motorcycling, and many may be returning to the activity in their older years. They may also be unprepared for the challenges of riding on roads that are much busier and more congested than before. They may also be unused to the newer, more powerful motorcycles.

For obvious reasons, non -helmeted motorcyclists account for more deaths than helmeted motorcyclists. The fact that there are more fatalities in fewer collisions could be linked to helmet usage rates. If you were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, your chances of surviving the accident are much stronger compared to a non-helmeted motorcyclist.

Motorists need to be more cautious and look out for motorcyclists while riding. A motorcycle is narrower in frame, and easy to miss. Make yourself conspicuous by wearing neon-colored clothes. Wear gloves, boots, padded clothing, and other gear that can minimize the risk of serious injuries in an accident.

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