Health Care & Prevention Resources

Drug Information: Preventing Dangerous Drug Interactions

This site, sponsored by Express Scripts and supported by the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, permits you to find medication information free of charge. You may search by drug name and strength, condition or category. Search results give you information about the drug, its possible interactions and side effects.

Reduce Your Cancer Risk

The American Cancer Society’s Health Challenge provides helpful ideas and resources to decrease your risk for cancer. Diet suggestions, risk assessment, and tips on eliminating an unhealthy lifestyle are all found here.

Medical Definitions & Dictionaries Assist with Understanding Difficult Terms

A medical dictionary provides important information with the power of Merriam-Webster behind it, this site will provide definitions for many of the complex medical terms used by doctors and hospital staff.

Website Rates Indiana’s Hospitals

HealthGrades now reports both doctors and hospitals by adding a new and FREE section for consumers who want to make informed decisions concerning their health care providers. In addition to rating physicians, you can now review the current rankings of hospitals in your area regarding success rates for some common medical procedures, including knee replacement, open heart surgery, treatment of sepsis, and much more.