Roadway Work Zone Construction Accidents

Road construction companies have a duty to their workers and the driving public to maintain safe conditions on construction sites. When they fail to adhere to this responsibility, accident victims may have a legal remedy. However, these are typically not simple cases.

Drivers and workers interact daily at construction sites relying on construction companies to be safe, and a vast majority of those sites are in fact safe. But when municipalities and/or companies put profits before basic safety – either through negligent roadway design, inadequate signage, or a variety of other ways – we help hold them accountable to make sure that the resulting injuries or deaths don’t happen again. Our clients, whether drivers or construction-site workers, want answers, and they want to make a difference. We help them do that.

The design of a road-construction site requires nothing short of acute attention to detail and an intricate eye for safe design. Unfortunately, the many nuances that must be considered during the design phase of a road or highway are often overlooked in part or in full, thus creating defective flaws that leave drivers who travel through these sites – or construction personnel working there – at a significantly greater risk of being involved in an accident.

After a car collision of any degree, a critical component of the investigations should include an extensive look into the design of the road upon which the accident occurred. If defects are found in the road’s design, or lapses are discovered in the site’s maintenance, then legal action should be taken immediately

We represent clients who were injured or whose loved ones died in a road construction accident. We prepare each case thoroughly in anticipation of a jury trial if that becomes necessary. With nearly 40 years of experience in handling complex and challenging negligence cases, Montross Miller provides clients with effective and sophisticated representation and counsel at all stages of the legal matter. We work with nationally known experts and specialists, including engineers, physicians, traffic experts and construction managers. Our attorneys have access to consultants such as these who help us understand all aspects of the case and the catastrophic consequences of the roadway construction accident.