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injury or death in semi-truck accidents

injury or death in semi-truck accidents

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a negligent semi-truck driver, you want a highly experienced and compassionate legal team behind you. We know how to navigate complex personal injury cases and will work hard to help you to reset your life. Complete the contact form to get in touch with a legal expert.

About Semi-Truck Accidents

Trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on the highways. They are big, heavy, and hard to maneuver and even harder to stop. Consequently, truck drivers are required to meet higher and more rigid standards. Unfortunately, those standards are often ignored and/or abused by truck drivers who do not get enough rest, rely on drugs or pills to keep them awake and fail to maintain accurate records of their operation.

Certainly, the vast majority of truck drivers are law-abiding drivers hired by reputable companies. However, when a driver and/or the trucking company abuse their responsibilities, the results can be and often are catastrophic.

If you are seriously injured or a member of your family is killed, you need a lawyer and a law firm that has experience in digging into records maintained by the company and it’s driver. These are not only records of the operation of the truck, but also its maintenance records. Over-the-road trucks maintain computerized “global positioning systems” (GPS) that not only show where the truck was at any given time, but when it was running, how fast it was traveling, and when the brakes were applied. This can be critical to determining the specifics of the accident, especially since there are often conflicting estimates of vehicle speeds by witnesses.

Montross Miller’s experienced truck accident lawyers in Indianapolis are familiar with the steps necessary to obtain all these records, and we have access to experts in the field who assist us in interpreting them. Once Montross Miller determine the facts and details of the accident, we turn to obtain all the information to present to the trucking company’s insurance carrier or to a jury at trial.