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If a semi-truck is in a collision, it should be more than a “He said. She said.” account. Eyewitnesses are invaluable, but their testimony can be augmented with electronic records that detail speed, braking, location and other information crucial to determining the facts of a case. An experienced semi-truck accident attorney will examine historic data to determine if a pattern of negligence or abuse of responsibilities exists. As the “Crossroads of America,” with a criss-cross of highways spanning its breadth, there is a lot of search around “semi-truck accident attorney Indianapolis.” Let’s answer some of the most common questions around why you may need an Indianapolis truck accident lawyer.

Why are semi-truck accidents set apart from normal vehicles in the legal sphere?

There are the obvious and more nuanced reasons. For the former, semi-trucks are large, and heavy, and challenging to maneuver. They travel at high speeds on densely populated thoroughfares with vehicles of exponentially smaller size and lighter weight. As part of the job of operating these special vehicles, drivers are expected to operate as professionals and adhere to professional standards while expediting goods between destinations. For the latter, their operation is governed more closely by highway patrols and equipped with monitoring equipment for efficiency and safety not typically found on smaller vehicles. 

Montross Miller leverages our expertise in complex legal cases across such fields as medical malpractice, wrongful death and product liability to cases involving semi-trucks. Our team is experienced in diving deep into record collection and aggressive in our pursuit of all available information following an accident. When necessary, we bring in experts to interpret data and provide professional detail relative to civil engineering, road construction, truck operation – wherever the data takes us, we pursue it in your interests. 

Who might need an Indianapolis truck accident lawyer?

Unfortunately, it could be any of us. The National Safety Council reports that a total of 5,005 people died in large-truck crashes in the US in 2019 (an increase of 36% over 2010). And of those deaths, 71% were the occupants of other vehicles, and 11% were non-occupants (pedestrians or cyclists primarily). As you can imagine, the trucking industry—an industry worth an estimated $791.7 Billion (Statista, 2019)—is powerful. Taking on big trucking companies is no small task. Good judgement dictates that you team up with an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive team if you or your loved ones are the victims of a semi-truck accident in Indiana.


$3.4 Million

Woman Killed by Reckless Semi-Truck Driver After She Pulled Over on the Highway to Assist a Stranded Motorist

$18.5 Million

42-Year-Old Man Suffers Catastrophic Injuries in a Crash with a Negligent Semi-Truck on I-74