Senate Panel to Review Aviation Safety Whistleblower Claims

Posted in: Serious Personal Injury | Apr 09,2019

Image result for boeing 737 litigationA senate panel is set to review claims that federal aviation safety inspectors, including those who were in charge of evaluating and certifying the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, were not properly trained.

The Senate Commerce Committee is investigating claims that there were serious training and certification concerns at the Federal Aviation Administration. These claims were received by the Senate panel as far back as in August of last year, and cited serious personnel training issues involving inspectors who were in charge of evaluating aircraft.

Those aircraft included the Boeing 737 MAX which is currently grounded by various aviation authorities across the world. The Boeing 737 MAX has been involved in at least two deadly plane crashes. The first occurred in October 2018, and involved a Lion Air plane that crashed off the Indonesian coast. The second occurred in March this year, and involved an Ethiopian airlines plane. The combined loss of lives in these two crashes has exceeded 340.

It’s not clear yet if the whistleblowers worked for the Federal Aviation Authority, Boeing or other agencies. The whistleblowers claim that these untrained inspectors were likely part of the Flight Standardization Board that oversees the flight safety compliance of aircraft, including the Boeing 737 MAX.

Meanwhile, Boeing is working on fixing the bug that it believes was responsible for the two crashes.

In both cases, the nose of the plane was forced lower towards the ground after a bug triggered the anti-stall system that is supposed to kick in only if the system identifies a problem.

The Boeing crashes have turned the spotlight on negligence at Boeing as well as inadequacies and incompetency at the Federal Aviation Administration which allowed the defective aircrafts to fly the skies, even after the first crash in Indonesia.

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