Catastrophic Injury

Alcohol-Related Accidents

Alcohol and operating vehicles don’t mix. Alcohol and minors don’t mix and alcohol and already-intoxicated people who then drive don’t mix. While the constant in all these circumstances is alcohol, there are many different legal relationships which arise from the consumption or furnishing of alcohol. In our law practice, we have experience in all these areas. The law prohibits furnishing alcohol to minors because there has been a legal, statutory determination made that individuals under the age of 21 do not have the physical or emotional maturity to handle the consequences of alcohol consumption. Anyone, be it a business or an individual, who provides alcohol to minors can be held responsible for damage caused by those minors. Businesses can also be held responsible under the law for furnishing alcohol to persons who are already intoxicated who then cause damage to others. While our state legislature has enacted a ridiculous law that on it’s face seems to protect bars and restaurants except for the most outrageous conduct, the Indiana Supreme Court has recently rendered decisions which indicate it recognizes that the law is misguided, and has provided other avenues for pursuing such businesses for their misconduct. We are very familiar with these cases, and recognize how devastating these accidents can be to innocent victims of the effect of mixing alcohol and driving, be it by underage drivers or adults. We then work hard to present to the insurance company or the jury if necessary, the full impact and magnitude of the losses caused by this misconduct.