Catastrophic Injury

Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents without exception result in catastrophic losses to individuals and their loved ones. Because of the magnitude of the losses, these cases are also most likely to generate aggressive actions by lawyers (often but not always, from out of state) who classify themselves as “aviation crash lawyers” and descend upon victims and their families in the time of their grief and greatest vulnerability. Despite what these self-proclaimed “experts” will tell you, aviation cases, just as all complex litigation, require the ability of the law firm you hire to associate themselves with technical experts who provide in-depth assessments of what occurred and why. That is what we do on all major cases. Once we have completely investigated and analyzed the facts, we go to work on preparing an assessment of the losses suffered. This is where the true value of having litigation experts such as ourselves involved, is most important. We know how to deal with the major insurance companies, and they know us. We understand the need to take into consideration not only the immediate losses, but also those that will be faced in the future. And, another very important advantage – we are here in Indiana, and treat every case and every client personally and individually.