Catastrophic Injury

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can be one of the most difficult cases to unravel. They require intimate familiarity with not only building site codes and regulations, and construction contracts, but also the inter-relationships between the various contractors on the job – general as well as sub-contractors. In addition, the victim of the accident is dependent on those many other contractors to carry out their responsibilities to everyone on the job site. Anyone who handles these cases must have experience in the intricacies of these areas. Finally, victims of these accidents are often employees who are covered by workers compensation insurance. This creates additional issues involving what are called subrogation liens as the insurance carrier for the employee has certain rights regarding reimbursement for benefits paid to the injured worker. However, there are also statutory obligations the insurer has to the employee, and the injured worker needs an attorney very familiar with this area of law. Once these issues are identified and dealt with, then the case must be prepared in a detailed complete fashion for presentation to the adverse insurance carrier or to a jury. The Indiana Injury Attorneys at our firm are well experienced in these areas.