Catastrophic Injury

Electrocution Accidents

Electricity is invisible, it is silent, and it is deadly. As a result the companies that produce electricity and maintain the equipment that transmit it throughout our communities, are charged with satisfying an extremely high standard of care to the public. The duty owed is established primarily through regulations and codes which are established to insure that such a dangerous instrumentality is strictly controlled. When someone is killed, seriously injured or burned by electricity, a detailed and comprehensive investigation (and knowing where to look) is essential.

We are experienced in obtaining maintenance records and evidence of compliance with the codes and regulations. Once the facts are gathered and analyzed, it is extremely important to understand how contact with electricity can damage the human body. While catastrophic physical injuries may be readily identifiable, the far-reaching effects of electricity on the ability of the different areas of the body to function, including the brain, cannot be overlooked. As in all our personal injury cases, we work closely with our clients’ doctors to insure that we fully understand the entire scope of the damage, and as a result are able to convey that to the insurance company or to a jury.