Catastrophic Injury

Inadequate Security

A business that invites people onto its premises or that hires employees who come in contact with others, has an obligation to provide for the safety of those people. There are a variety of circumstances where this can occur, but the common theme is that people deserve to be protected.

If an employee of a company has a history of misconduct, and the employer fails to discover that, they can and should be held accountable. If a business maintains a parking area where criminal activity can occur, and they fail to provide proper security to prevent such activity, they can and should be held responsible. The simple rule is that if a business attracts people to its premises or encourages people to deal with their employees, they can be held responsible. There are of course limits to that responsibility, as there should be: if the business or employer could not reasonably have anticipated the occurrence, then they are not liable. Each and every case has to be evaluated and investigated individually, and that is our business. Our commitment extends to a full and comprehensive assessment of the losses associated with the injuries, and presenting them to the insurance company or the jury.