Catastrophic Injury

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles indeed “are everywhere” and when they are involved in a collision with another vehicle, the results are predictably serious. We feel very strongly about protecting the rights of motorcyclists. Motorcyclists have an obligation to operate their cycle sensibly and within the law. Motorcyclists are, relatively speaking, largely unprotected. That, coupled with the fact that motorcyclists can often be difficult to see, does not mean that the motorist in a larger vehicle is somehow less responsible for being alert and on the lookout for nearby motorcycles. Motorcyclists are legally allowed to ride on the streets, roads and highways and should their rights be violated, assuming the motorcyclist was riding his or her motorcycle in a responsible manner, responsibility for the accident often times is attributed to the motorist of the automobile or other, larger vehicle. Since the injuries are often serious, we maintain close contact with our clients’ medical providers so that we can better understand the patient’s medical condition and extent of their injuries, the projected ability to recover from these injuries, the impact on the patient’s financial status, and future, quality-of-life issues. We take this information and factor it in to our evaluation that we present to the insurance company or if necessary, the jury. We work on each case assuming that we will take the client’s case to trial, even though, in many cases, insurance companies decide instead to settle out of court. In 2015, for example, we settled a case involving motorcycle accident death for $2.1 million.